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Who makes a boot that will stay on? I remember reading a post on the site several years ago by some one from Ellensburg that said they had the best boots they had tried. My girl is fearless and runs too hard in the rocks. Feet look like someone took a fillet knife to the bottom of the pads. Not cuts, just skived the bottom of the pads. She won't even wince when hunting, but limps when we get home. Will have to let her heal begore going out again or get some good boots.


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I purchased a pair of boots for my lab through Ugly Dog, which are a mix of neoprene and canvas. They do not fall off because the zip on as well as cinch around the dogs leg via plastic buckles and nylon straps. They are spendy, but worth it.

The only downside is a snow patch that is crusty, your dog will slip all over the place. My dog was miserable without them when ice built up between her toes.

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I have tried several boots and so far, my setter has destroyed all of them. (But I have a new setter this year, so maybe this one will be better.) There is a temperature (around 15 degrees and below) where the snow builds up as ice and the dog can't go 10 steps before she has to chew off the ice. Boots work great for those conditions. I will order some today! Rick


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I had a Llewellin with very sensitive pads and they would bleed in snow. I used the rubber Lewis Boots which worked great. It was a bit tricky getting them on, though.
Here's the easiest and cheapest boots you'll ever use on your dog. Wrap vetwrap around feet (NOT TOO SNUGLY- they still need blood flow). Start at the tip of the toes and work your away around the foot and up the ankle. Once on, cover the ankles with duct tape. Costs very little, stays on well and when they do fall off, it doesn't cost much at all to replace.

I get vetwrap from Drs. Foster & Smith online- I think it's $3 a roll. Also works great for fingers worn raw from rowing.


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I think I'm going to create a custom orthotics line for should be an instant success...just need to find some crazy 'backers' :hmmm:

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