Montana deer


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Just back from Montana deer with a buddy. Managed to tag out early. Will post more pics. Wt's were just starting to rut over there. Saw quite a few wt bucks bird dogging does.

My partner took this mule deer. I was holding out for a nice muley and saw then this wt chasing a doe. Was going to pass on him but couldn't resist.

Upton O

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Great deer. I would imagine having a troubled mind if I had passed on a deer like that. The memory would have haunted me for awhile.


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A better pic. he weighed around 240 lbs. I think he was a very mature deer looking at his molars, 8-9 years old. Burger, jerky and sausage.

Saw a lot of huns when I was hunting. Thinking of heading back there with the dog

Love hunting in Montana.

Jim Ficklin

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That is a big-bodied Whitetail, for sure. I need to find a few Huns . . . I'm fresh out of skins. Went shotgun hiking this morning . . . only Roosters I found were across the fence on posted ground, but it was still a nice morning & I was granted access to some more coyote hunting territory.


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I wish I ran into him him 2-3 years ago. Look like his antlers have recessed quite a bit. Oh well, he died chasing a hot doe and I can't think of a better way to go.

Have to join me for birds or yotes before season ends. I think I have a few hun skins from last year. I'll check and see if you want them


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Buddy just sent pics of mule deer
He was hiding at the base of cliff in the breaks down by some water. We had 2 options: Drag him down to the water. Try and find a boat or haul him up the steep breaks. Took a few hours and a lot rope and sweat to haul him out of there

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