City Fishing.....what the heck!

Hi All,

As mentioned in previous posts I am recently among the unemployed in WA and have some time to do some fishing (why could I have been laid off in the spring?) Anyhow, I am driving around aimlessly today deliberating on road triping to Eastern Oregon, when I look over and spot a RISE.. yes a rise on Greenlake. Being the type that can never just drive past a body of water let alone one with obvious signs of fish, I stop to observe. I notice many more rises some close, some 20-30 yards offshore. They look to be CARP? I guess Carp feed off the surface? although I thought them to be bottom feeders.

Question of the day, I have read on this forum about Muskie, Trout and Carp in Greenlake, but never really see postings on a regular basis. Has anyone tried the lake recently? I have never really seen many Fly Fishers there? Specices this time of year?

Thanks for any feeback.:eek

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All sorts of folks fish it irregularily with a fly rod. Most of the folks are trying to catch dinner with power bait, corn or a worm, however.

And yes, I even tried it for muskies once, about 2 years ago.

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Yeah man, I've seen alot of people fishing Green Lake with fly rods. They stock rainbows regularly.
What you saw rising were definately carp. What I'm most interested in, in Green Lake, are the Tiger Muskies they stocked there in 2000 to control said carp. They should be monsters by now.
Speaking of which, what kinda fly gear is out there for fly fishing big predatory fish like Muskies and Pike?
I caught the end of some show on cable the other day, where this guy had just caught what was probably a 36" pike on a fly setup, but didn't see the part where he talked about the gear they were using... I'd imagine you'd need a pretty heavy leader, and a hefty rod as well.

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Yes Greenlake is a surprising fishery...
Trout are often caught, some bass, carp and even tiger muskies

I fished it once from a float tube and got skunked. The carp tend to hang in deep water where they are hard to get on fly gear. When they do move into shallow water its seems to always be near the trail where a backcast is simply out of the question...

Try it if you are desperate...But the beaches, sno forks, or lake washington would be a better local bet...


Rob Blomquist

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You will want something like a 9 or a 10 weight rod, a stout leader with at least 6" of wire and a Deciever or other big baitfish pattern.

Even to flip over the fly and wire, you will want 15# anyway.

And I would tie the decievers on 2/0 or 3/0 hooks. Decievers are an easy tie, which is why I like them.
I might as well start with phase 1 of the 12 step rehab program by admitting I have a problem. Hi, my name is Tom and I have fished Greenlake.......:rolleyes

C'mon guys, it's only 5 - 10 minutes from my house, and sometimes on weekdays I only have a couple of hours including travel time, and and and......

Actually, I fish it 5 -6 times a season in the spring (April - May) when I can't make it to anywhere else that's open. It's been fairly productive for standard size planters on the SW side and has put out at least one 2-3 pound triploid per visit over the last 2 years. Woolly buggers down deep and thin mint leeches shallow are all you need for trout although you can get into a dry fly zone around dusk with an Adams or a small stimulator. Once you find a fish, stay put and you'll usually find another....standard planter trout behavior.

I may prefer Lenice, Nunnally or most other lakes but if I have to choose between staying home or wetting a line, Greenlake will do in a pinch. Besides, I'll never forget the one warm May evening when a few UW girls from a sorority or some other group decided to all flash me in unison while I fished along the shore!!! That has yet to happen to me at any eastern WA lake!:p


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From what I've read about fly fishing for Tigers, huge flies like you would use for muskies or northerns aren't as effective as smaller, more modest patterns.
Any credible reports of tigers being caught?

I too live 5 min from the lake but I have refrained from going in cause I didn't want to get the 20 questions routine from all the park users as I went to and from my car in waders w/tube. Maybe it's not that bad. Anyone have a good carp pattern?:dunno
to answer orkila's question. there is a book about carp fishing and carp flies. it is about 150 pages. the book is "carp on the fly" by barry reynolds, brad befus and john berryman.


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alright on the subject of flashing and the yakima's notorious inner tube hatch, I must share a funny story.

So last year me and a male friend of mine from my high school are fishing areound mile marker 10 when we here laughing and noise associated with inner tubes. We are nymphing up a run right below a bend in the river. Most of the time we were too focused on fishing to watch the inner tubers go by, so as they came around the corner we paid no attention. Then suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I noticed one of the tubes drifting along the brush right above us. In it were two topless females. My friend and I glanced at each other and smirked, but continued to fish. As they tubers got closer, somehow their tube got stuck in the shallows in some branches. The ruckus they caused filled with shrieks while they were untangling the tube drew our attention again, and when we glanced up we reallized that the topless girls standing 30 yards away were classmates of ours from school. They never lived that one down.


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I'm still waiting to hear from the grubby lookin dude that slinks around Greenlake with an old fly rod and has it totally DIALED. I know he's out there.
Thanks for the heads up on the Carp book, I'll check it out. A trip out to Banks Lake in the summer for some carp stalking is on my list but not real near the top. But what I really meant was, what fly would imitate a carp if one was trying to get a response out of a tigerM?