(NFR) Ditching the old Girlfriend. Picked up a new one.


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The dirty British Girl who is about to get kicked to the curb.


The new Rowdy Fishmobile complete with Chevy V8, Winch, RollCage, Power steering and disc brakes. She is fully locked up in the rear and she rolls like the wind!


Just thought I would share with ya'll so that when you see my rig parked at the trail head you can slash the tires and smash the windshield. You know, just inviting a little payback for all my bad Karma.

}( MAC


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(NFR) Ditching the old Girlfriend. Picked up a new ...

I have felt your pain. I owned a 1965 Series II for 9 years. I sold it last year for a newer ride Jeep Grand Cherokee...I loved the Rover's lines, but let me tell you. I borrowed a friends Toyota FJ 40 to come back to Seattle from Eastern Wa. one winter and there was NO comparision. I don't care what the brit crowd says. Toyotas are a superior product. Congrats...:beer2
(NFR) Ditching the old Girlfriend. Picked up a new ...

Toyota - Official Truck and SUV of the Taliban. After watching the War in Afganistan on TV I was convinced; went out and got a low miles used 2000 4Runner. Great piece of machinery!

I once saw a bumbersticker on the back of a Rover 2000, their ill fated car. It said "The parts falling off this vehicle are of the highest British quality" :thumb

Rob Blomquist

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(NFR) Ditching the old Girlfriend. Picked up a new ...

Oh, man, I have a 1998 RAV4 that I am seriously in love with. I haven't gotten anywhere near stuck yet, and I am not stupid enough to try anything.

With my old Honda Civic I was not so smart.

If I could only get something like Mac's Landcruiser passed by my wife. She's even hemming and hawing over a Forerunner.

(NFR) Ditching the old Girlfriend. Picked up a new ...

You were so proud on that British Girl at the OP Party to. Just like a man to want something diffrent as soon as he gets what he wants. Got to love us for that. I can not knock the new girlfriend. Those old Land Cruisers are some real nice rigs. Everything is built heavy duty on those things, which you will really understand the first time you take the transmision out. Those things are heavy.
I hope you kept the lamb jacket from the party at least. I would hate to see you change to much, this year.


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(NFR) Ditching the old Girlfriend. Picked up a new ...

Well Pat, I couldn't agree more. The Rover is a sweet rig. She's just not satisfying me with her little 4 banger engine. Had I never purchased one I would still want one, so I have no regrets. I just needed something a little more badass. The sheepskin stays, of course.

Here's a pick of my old fish mobile. The rig that has been rolling through my mind since I sold her 3 years ago.


And no I don't mean the outback.



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(NFR) Ditching the old Girlfriend. Picked up a new ...

Mr. Rowdy, I have a gentleman from the BATF that wants to talk with you about that strange looking rod on the front bumper...

Whazzup, I though you fell off the planet?


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(NFR) Ditching the old Girlfriend. Picked up a new ...

That is one sweat ride!!! What year/make/model is that red beast??

~Patrick ><>


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Alpine Trout, you are correct. You can't get in there anymore. Good eye!!

Roper, that's my brothers "goose gun" hehehehe.

Pat, my new rig is a 1970 FJ-40 and the big red beast is a 1973 FJ-55.



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Rowdy, what gives? How many extensions of your penis do you need? I mean come on my man, we all accept you for who you are, there is no need to make up for lost size with a new retro rig every 3 months!


Before we welcome the new girl in town, I think we (at least I) should say something about the old. Yes, she was noisy and yes, you just never knew if she was going to blow up from one moment to the next. But Gawd, she was sexy. I mean that tank was love!

I fell in love the first time I saw her and when you wern't looking, Macky, I did feel her up a bit. She was so beautiful to touch. What a sensuous object! I'm sorry to see her go. I have been dreaming about seeing her again at some future party where the shadows will be long, the breeze will be soft, and the light of the campfire such that her lines will be erotically revealed.

Oh, please, excuse me, I've got to go and do something.

Bob, the Down But Not Out:smokin