Fish Porn. Catch of the day

FISH PORN. Catch Of The Day!!!

View attachment 36076 This thread is dedicated to nothing but raw, uncut fish porn. No crying around, rude comments or debate here. If you caught it on a fly we want to see it. Any species, anywhere. You can keep this thread at the top of your list by checking it and uploading your pictures daily. Make new friends and show off your catch of the day.

Also feel free to upload older pics as well.
yea sry i wasnt really flyfishing. i just made a new video too ill post it up soon as its uploaded to youtube. yea i tied some peacock stones and tried em on the wenatchee. spotted some fish but no players! these are older pics from earlier this season

Above: CO - Cheeseman Canyon Brown Trouts

MT - Grayling (Handkerchief Lake I think)

MT - Brown Trout (Bitterroot river I think it was)

MT - Westslope Cutthroat (South Fk of Flathead)

MT - Swan river bow

CO - Greenback Cutthroats


MT - Stillwater river Pike

MT - Swan river Bulltrout

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