WDFW Steelhead Rulling


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If you didn't hear, our so called representitives at the WDFW did not pass the manditory state-wide release of all wild steelhead for next years regulations. They choose option 2 that basically lowers the number of wild fish you can bonk in a year to 10.

I can't beleive how f%*king stupid these people are. I bet we will have several more emergency closures by the end of march and yet the runs are healthy?

To the commissioners who voted for the CnR I extend may hand in gratitude.

For those who did not, here are a couple of middle fingers. I hope you get fired because you don't represent me.


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What a bunch of jokers. I can't imagine what the issue with them voting for continued take of wild steelhead. Indian catch, the ocean catch, what?

I would love to hear what they actually thought.

The vote is essentially an endorsement of WDFW's long-held management philosophy of Maximum Sustained Yield. Staff was able to make a case that a few rivers, most notably the Quillayute System, still have returns well above the MSY escapement-target, providing a "harvestable surplus."

What WDFW policy staff (and the Commission) apparently refuse to acknowledge are the multiple uncertainties involved in their data, the essential weaknesses in the underpinnings of MSY theory, and the uncontrevertable empirical evidence that their management approach has been an unmitigated failure. Every steelhead stock in the state but one is declining, many are listed under the Endangered Species Act. The Dept points at ONE system in the entire state as justification for continuing a failed policy. The only explanation I can think of is ego; the senior staff can't make themselves admit they've been WRONG FOR 30 YEARS, and the Commission caved to the pressure.

The option now I guess is to continue C&R voluntarily and to proselytize it every chance we get. Unfortunately, current manageement will likely lead to continued and more decling populations, with emergency closures to follow. Give WDFW a chance; they'll get that curve turned downward on the Quillayute soon enough! They're apparently aiming for a perfect record.

Get involved. The driving force behind the campaign for statewide C&R was the Wild Steelhead Coalition. Join now. See their website at www.wildsteelheadcoalition.com .

[edit-9:41] Apparently, the actual diecision was to amend "Option 2" to allow a 1-fish per day, 5-per year limit, where harvest is allowed. The WSC is coloring it as a dissapointment, but a partial victory.On its face it is a move in the right direction, but there is data that shows that reductions in individuals' catch-limits swon't necessarily reduce overall harvest, that it just spreads out among more anglers. It seems a little counter-intuitive on a stock like steelhead, that are very hard to catch. However, the argument goes that if one "hot rod" is leaving willing takers in the river, those fish could likely wind up going to an angler who otherwise might not do as well. Apparently, data backs up the phenomenon.
Give the wdfw a couple years and all the wild steelhead in
the state will be on the decline and 99 percent of the wild steelhead that already are will be worse off.Once again wdfw
screws up just like they have so many times before. :REALLYMAD