WFF Stillwater Series_3: Tactics & Techniques

Ed Call

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Keep piling it on Ford Fenders, more great information. Reading these always teaches me many things and on occasion I read something you are saying that we should do that I actually have been doing. Thank you for your informative creations.

Gregg Lundgren

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Very nice FF! Great insights.

I would like to make trolling less of a mainstay as you suggest. It has led to a few frustrating, yet funny (after the fact) instances of "lost time" on the water. I use the short distance troll, then retrieve much more often now. My own slow evolution has kept me from having to kick myself in the butt as often.
FF -

Another great chapter. Very cool to get someone else's detailed analysis of how to put trout in the net. I spend most of my time poking around the top 10' of lakes whether against the shore or out over the shoals and use my intermediate the same way you use a type V. Different ways to skin the cat, as you put it.

I will suggest that it's just a matter of time before you start to pursue the chironomid game. You know it produces and willingly turning a blind eye to a key stillwater food source and deadly form of presentation is limiting your game. Do you make it out to the Columbia Basin much? It'd be great to share a day on the water and compare notes.
Hey TP - I don't get over there nearly enough, usually when I go east it's a family trip to Spokane or Idaho. But I know certain things grow bigger out that way so I should haul it over there a few times...spring might work. Thanks for the feedback, and your'e right about that stuff! I must be getting old as I'm starting to get set in some of my ways (the type V and that leech seem to follow me everywhere).
Great read! I have really enjoyed and learned from all three parts so far.

I do not chironomid fish either but one thing I would mention about observing other fisherman is that when you see chiro fisherman doing well it makes it easy to determine the depth the fish are feeding by gauging the distance between the strike indicator and the fly.

Thanks again for sharing your ideas and experiences with us.


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