What wet flies could I tie ?

Hey guys, I will go fishing on Monday, and I wanted to try my hand with some basic wet flies.

I bought a nice Hen Soft Hackle so pattern suggestions in the numbers 14 or even 16 are welcome :)

Pretty hard to go wrong with a Hare's Ear wet fly. I tie mine on fine wire and heavy wire hooks to fish different places in the water column. You can use a fine gold wire rib if you like, I do sometimes and leave it out others. I touch dub the abdomen with hare's ear, then spin the bobbin to get a sort of chennile and wrap forward to where the thorax should start. I dub a slightly larger thorax then wrap a very sparse hackle, no more than 1 1/2 turns.

To make a flymph style fly out of this same concept, I add four or five hacle fibers as a tail, do the abdomen the same. Dub the thorax and wrap the hackle back through the thorax in open turns. These I usually tie on light wire hooks and fish as emergers.

I noticed that you mentioned you had some nice hen soft hackles. I just remembered that if you go to http://www.danica.com/flytier/ and use the search funtion, you can find a number of great patterns. Click on the search button and type in the hen hackle you have (dun, furnace, etc) and hit find. This feature works with any material and is a great reference.

Red Ass - the best soft hackle emerger.
red tail, red floss about half of the body, the other half of the body peacock herl. Soft hackle (usually grizzly) Whip finish.
A really great fly. Basically a soft hackle peacock with a short red tail and half the body red floss. Many tiers leave out the tail.
Orange soft hackle add a rib of yellow thread for a variant, Peacok soft hackle, a brown body soft hackle using either turkey tail of hen pheasant tail as body material and the hackle doesn't matter too much as long as it is sparse. I preffer partridge for soft hackles but almost anything will work. Sparse hackle is a key in my view. If not using partridge any hackle that has barring is good.



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Any number of soft hackles and flymphs to mimic your local bugs. For great information go to http://www.flymphforum.com
Like REE I would go for some of the basics: hare's ear, pheasant tail and peacock bodies to start or whatever dubbing you like for flymphs. Simple floss or thread bodied soft hackles are in my boxes as well.

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