BBQ date=Sat Jan 15th roll call and info

Kickin off the brew session here. Recipe for those who do the brewing thing and want to see:
Oh man looks good! Really wish I could make it. I knew there had to be a few home brew nuts on this site. Bring some of my own next time.
I would like to say I will make it to the BBQ for sure but I'm not sure. It would be good to place a face with some of the names. If I can make it I will bring beer and some finger food.
This sounds like a great time to put more faces with names...! It is on my calendar as a "must do"! I'm thinking a pot of sourkraut with smoked sausage, and fresh baked caraway/rye bread...



Eyes to the sky...
did someone say sauerkraut and sausages? HMMMMMMM....... I think I am feeling a cold coming on that might hit hardest on Jan 15th. Guess I will wait until it gets closer to call in! :)

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
Jason, Where have I been? I found this Thread late last night and have never heard or seen it before. THe date is a month ago and it refers to an earlier posting, I know I'm loosing it but this indicates I've already lost it. Wow that's scary.