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Damn Kim and freestone..don't be giving out all that knowledge...woman look really good in Neo's, kind of thought that the fairer sex were the only ones those damn things were actually designed for???

where's K8 when you need her? oh hell, bet she's gone to the darkside now for awhile too now?


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I want to get them as a gift, and I'm eyeing a pair of cloudveil waders in an xs, but I'm not certain they wi be long enough. Any advice? Are there a pair of boots you would suggest? Simms freestones look nice and found in smaller sizes on eBay.


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Orvis doesn't have very many sizes available in the bootfoot wasders, so I ended up ordering these waders:

And these boots:

Supposedly those boots are really warm. I don't think she'll be out trying to catch the chromers with me, unless it's above 50 degrees, but I can guarantee she'll still be cold.

o mykiss

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For most people, the biggest problem with fishing in cold weather is cold feet. My wife has terrible circulation to her extremeties. For skiing, she uses a battery-operated boot heating system and it has made all the difference in the world to her. I know there are battery operated heated socks too. Some of them are pretty inexpensive and work on a 9-volt battery but I don't really think this style would work inside waders because the battery is at the top of your sock (mid-calf). Others are more like the boot heating system my wife uses in her ski boots, with a rechargeable battery pack. ThunderBolt is one brand. Normally the battery pack/controller is clipped to your belt, but they have a longer wire option that allows you to put the battery pack/controller in your chest wader pocket. They are spendy, but if you're super serious about keeping your wife warm in cold weather conditions, something like this might be worth thinking about. Personally, I usually get by with wearing larger boots in the winter so I can really layer up with good socks, but if all else fails, I find that several snorts off a flask of good whisky numbs the pain.

I find it funny that you find neo's attractive on women, since I never feel attractive in any way when I'm wearing them and have never met a woman who does. That's probably because there aren't many neo options available that are designed to fit women, so we're stuck with men's sizes that are too big in the feet, and too big on the top so they slide down in the crotch and feel like a bulky, uncomfortable diaper-like wad around the hips & thighs. (At least that's been my experience with them.)

The waders that you've selected look like they would work fine for her. The chest pockets are a nice feature that she can use for hand-warmers, and I like the attached belt as well. I will agree that neoprene is (objectively) warmer; but if she has room to put layers under the breathables, she'll probably overall be more comfortable (subjectively) and have the versatility of being able to use them throughout the entire year. The boots that you've selected also look like they'll suit her well, if the fit is right. I've heard folks report that that solid style of boot (as opposed to mesh sides) do actually help to keep the foot warmer. She will likely have ample space in the wader-booties for some good merlino wool socks -- with a thin liner sock -- to help keep her feet warm(er). ("Warmth" is always a relative term when on the water in cold weather.) The boots should be big enough to fit comfortabley over the wader's bootie, her socks and toe warmers -- but not so big (as in my previous post) that they feel like clown-shoes when wearing them. If the boots are too tight, they'll restrict circulation and make her feet feel colder. Don't forget to include a package of chemical hand-warmers and foot-warmers with her gift, too. Some half-finger fleece gloves may also be a good thing for her to use, as well. I've also seen half-finger gloves with a fold-over mitt that will cover the fingers when needed. (Hands and feet are always difficult to keep warm.)

Good luck. You've put a lot of thought and care into helping her to be comfortable so she'll enjoy her time fishing with you. That's a great way to start. Best wishes for a happy, warm, best-new-fishing-buddy!


In my last post, I also forgot to mention that IF the waders that you ordered don't work well for her, you may also want to try the "Women's Chena River Waders" from Redington.
You can Google them to find product reviews and retailers.

While developing these waders a couple of years ago, some folks from Redington actually came to one of our Northwest Women Flyfishers club meetings to measure all the gals (or those who would volunteer their measurements) so they could design a pair of waders that actually fit REAL women. I don't own a pair of these, but some of my friends do. When I've tried them on, I personally find that these waders tend to run a little short. (I'm 5/8", so if your wife is 5'7" I'd recommend going for the "long" size.) The Redington folks also asked the gals for their input regarding other wader features that we do/don't like, and incorporated a number of these suggestions into the waders -- including a fleece-lined handwarming pocket. The booties will be sized better for a woman's foot, as well.

My apologies for not mentioning this earlier. I just thought of them.


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