you meet some strange people on the river...


Eyes to the sky...
I hit the "Nasty" this morning with Paul, his boy, and a friend of theirs. No fish, but we had a pretty good time.

As I was walking down to the next run, I heard incoherent muttering coming from the bank. "a jillion grains...bottom hand...t-14...sustained anchor..bloody L.snaptscandispeyunderhandedeorgrhehaldfjafgclrgwecgmmeghfxHAHAHAHAHAAAHAAHAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

Lock your cars, people. There are some shady characters out on the water.

(Hell of a good time meeting you, SpeySpaz. Thanks for passing on the solid jedi-type info. Hope to see you on the water again soon.:beer2:)
Although I haven't met him personally I've had some good exchanges with SpeySpaz. And he grew up about 10 minutes from where I did in New Jersey.
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A great time was had by all. Was nice to finaly fish with you Orad.
Yeah Jerry we got Troy out, he hadnt fished sence the Satsop trip.
Its always an awesome learning experience when I run into SpeySpaz on the river. He laid down the good word today and helped me find religion.... in the form of a 660 Grain skagit head. It turned my 2H Elkhorn into a freeking rocket launcher!
Thanks guys


still an authority on nothing
I didn't check, so I don't know if it was a HEN sucker or a C***sucker, but it felt like a dog when ass-hooked, even on a 10/11 Stinger. I'm slightly embarassed that I didn't have my false teeth in (didn't know COMPANY was coming) and didn't have the right line on that BEASTIE rod ...yet.
Looks like 625-675 gr of scandi head would do the job on that stick. I have lines to try still. Maybe a Nextcast WA 40 or FF45 in 8/9.

Educational moment: this fish is also known as a "Ringmouth Troot" in certain parts of Kanoodia. But you have to hold your mouth in a Mingo sort of way.

I will be down there tomorrow AM for 1/2 day, till Mr Arthritis sends me home to lick my wounds and grieve my misspent youth.

Paul, that Elkhorn still wants a little something else. Sure, she'll do Skagit, but only for $. What she really wants is some scandi head.
Come on down and see me and Mr Page tomorrow.
Jason, you were seriously tenting wader with that 660. You have found The Force. Short strokin' is sure to please.

The Nisqually sucks and is wonderful at the same time. Explain that...