Late season archery elk


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Late season archery in the Nile. Absolutely beautiful area magnified by the fresh snowfall and sunshine. The first day saw a few elk and some really nice bucks. Only problem was that they were hanging out in the really steep and nasty stuff. Pulling an animal out of there would not be a fun task.

The second day decided to go down and chase them. Found a nice area, a small saddle between two draws, and sat down in a dead fall. Did not have to sit very long when 3 cows came sauntering by at 40-50 yds. I was reading a book and miraculously managed to put it down, pick up my bow, nock an arrow and get a shot at the last cow elk. She was around 40 yds. or a bit more.

I saw her turn after the shot and saw my arrow was a bit high and penetration only about a foot. I thought damn! Anyway sat down and waited an hour for her to bed down. I snuck up to the area where I hit her and confirmed the hit and found good blood. In the meantime, a friend and his son hiked down to help me out.

After an hour or so started on the blood trail and found her about 200 yds down in a steep canyon.I slipped and slid my way down a snowy slope and made my way down to her. I sat for a minute or two and admired her and experienced the mixed emotions of one who harvests game. A beautiful and healthy animal. I saw that I hit her a little high and but when field dressing her saw I hit both lungs. Very happy made a quick and humane kill.

Well, the fun and hard work began. 2 hours of sweat and sore muscles later wrestling with a 400 lb cow elk, we finally managed to get her down to a road.

Today is spent butchering with help from friends and neighbors.
As mentioned by Jim in a earlier post good to live in the NW. Now can look for forward to Winter steelhead, ducks and upland.


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I was just thinking how great it was to live in the NW about 30 min ago as i set my crab pots.
If this snow/ice ever lets up, we'll have to get out for a duck hunt.
congrats on the elk.

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Let's see, elk hunting in steep, thick brush in the back country snow land, now on to steelhead fishing and duck hunting; I'm technically retired but still have my license. I can set up a few sessions for you if you want to share those elk steaks...All three of these activities are for the mentally ill or feeble minded.

Actually, great post and congrats on the harvest of the cow. Those elk meat meals will bring the hunt back time and time again. Well done, especially the moments of regret and reflection on killing an animal, it speaks volumes.
I was in that same area with a buddy last weekend. All we saw was one 4pt... I couldn't believe how many people were there, looked like rifle season rather than archery!



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Yeh, the area is getting really crowded. A lot guys road hunt there though and if willing to do a little work can get away from the crowds.