2 Orvis Large Arbor V reels

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Orvis Large Arbor V - These have been great reels for me, it's that I have too much gear and need to let some of it go...........so I can buy more (isn't that the cycle :D)

It has handled any Lake Ontario Salmon or Steelhead that has grabbed my fly at the other end.

The reel balances a 12'6" rod nicely and I have had it on Sage 8126-3, Sage TCX 7126-4 and a Beulah classic 7/8 12'7" rods. It's also worked well on my Beulah 8/9 switch.

I have 2 of these reels in equal shape. I have used them, so they do have a few little usage nicks & are otherwise in great shape.

They are both set up for right hand retrieve, which I will gladly reverse upon buyers request.
Reels are 8.3oz - 4.25" diameter. They sell for $249.

$135 each + $5 shipping (US & Can)

Both for $260 & I'll pay shipping(US), Can + $5

US - Paypal or MO/Bank Check
Canada - Paypal only

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