Posting location specific reports on the interwebs: A collective discussion


Fishin' to the end, Oc.P
"I know of no honey holes, secret spots and still post reports from my outings." That is a Truism from Mumbles and by golly one of these days and I mean one of these days he will catch a steelhead....................He He!;););)

Old Man

Just an Old Man
While I always told where I went fishing at. I never saw any harm in it. I would go back to those spots and I would never ever see anybody else at them. I did tell a guy face to face one time about a good fishing hole and it was hell to get to also. The next time I went there it was fished out. I feel safer telling about it here than telling somebody about it.

The thing with the internet is that people want someplace that is easy to get to. If they have to bushwhack they won't go. Most of where I fished in Washington was not easy to get to. And now that I'm here in Montana. Everyplace I go is good fishing. And it's right by the road and boat launches. Couldn't be easier.


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