What is the best, full-color, fly tying book I can buy?

I have been trying to find a really detailed fly tying book about how to tie a great number of different patterns. I would like a book with a ton of patterns and pages. Thank you!!


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The first tying book that comes to mind for me is The Fly Tyers Benchside Reference by Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer. If you can learn everything in this book you are a master tyer IMO.

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I agree on the above This is a great book and willl show you the most ways to do things. Two others are Randy Stetzers 1000 of the best flies and I think its Randal Kaufmanns Flies of the Umqua feather merchants about 1600 patterns. Tale a look at these. Good lluck

Ed Call

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I agree, it is the largest and most comprehensive fly tying book in my collection. I use it quite often and am a very very long way from mastering anything or everything in that book. I have a number of others, but you asked for detailed and lots of patterns and pages...I'd look into that one.

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That's a great book for use as a reference for specific techniques but it doesn't really have any full patterns like the original poster requested. A good alternative by the same authors is:

The Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying

This one has many of the same techniques but each is in the context of instructions for tying a complete pattern.

Most tying books with patterns are fairly fish-specific. If you tell us what you're fishing for, you should get more recommendations.
The first full color book I purchased for fly tying Trout Flies The Tier's Reference by Dave Hughes. Lots of patterns and variations of each.
Anthony: Good question; all answers helpful but...started buying/collecting books on fly fishing in the sixties; numbered now over 600. About 40% have to do with fly tying patterns. Still looking, still adding. I wish and maybe could be more helpful if I knew what and where your tying efforts are going to be put to the "test." Duane J

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