Name that bug


Derek Young

Emerging Rivers Guide Services
I don't see any wing pads, so I'm ruling out small winter black stonefly. If it was green in color, then a type of caddis.


I hope she likes whitefish
Yea, bacon wrapped steak with razor blade vice jaws! I wonder if a helgramite has ever eaten it's way out of a fish's stomach? :eek:

The adult Dobson fly look even meaner. I think if one ever landed on me, I'd need to change waders. They are about as bad as those ball sucking leaches Jesse keeps telling me about. :rofl::rofl:

edit: You know, I think the helgrammite is the single and only reason trout developed teeth. Not even fish are dumb enough to try and eat that without mutilating it first.


Hey you guys
I agree with Luke on the Helgramite. Helgramites have six legs on the thorax with eight small feathery appendanges on the abdomen and 2-4 claws at the rear of the abdomen.

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