Name that bug

Ed Call

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Freaking awesome bunch of bug geeks going after it on the Interwebs. You guys rock. Who's tying up a bunch of these to share?


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I stand corrected with a face full of crow. I was quick to judge from the snow, some rock crawlers (grylloblatids) forage on the snow and I've seen them often on ski trips.

Nice work!


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Aren't hellgrammites an Eastern US bug?

The larva of a dobsonfly is often referred to as a hellgrammite, and yes, it is only found east of the continental divide. However, the larva of a fishfly is sometimes also referred to as a hellgrammite, as it a close relative (same family, different subfamily). Most flyfishers would be hard-pressed to differentiate a larval dobsonfly from a larval fishfly, and fishflies are found in WA.