What type of fly rod would be the best for me?

I am looking at getting a new fly rod and i do alot of trout fishing and going to get into some stealhead, So I was wondering if you guys had had any ideas of what weight i should get? would a 6 or 7 weight be good?


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Tough to get a rod that would work for both trout and steelhead without being overgunned for one fish, and undergunned for another.
You said a new fly rod, do you have one or more now? If so, what weights are they? If they work well for trout, you're set. I would say the 7 or even better a 8wt would be what you would want for steelhead. I'm sure you have already figured out that you will need (and want)multiple rods for different fish and conditions, hope this helps, and good luck.

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When I bought my first rod it was a 6wt. It was an all around sized rods for me. And it was a 9' rod I used it for just about everything. When I was flush with money I got a better rod. A 5wt. I caught everything that swims with that rod. From steelhead to Chums. While I wouldn't recommend you to use a 5wt for Chum, it did the trick for a while. I then stepped up to an 8wt because somebody said I needed a bigger rod for the mystical Steelhead. Well after getting the 8wt my fish catching came to an end.

So the moral of the story is this. If you are only going out for Steelhead every once in a while I would just stick with a 5wt. It will work and it is a good sized stick for trout.


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If you go with the 5 weight, you should look at a 9'6 rod. That extra half foot will make a big difference with steelhead, especially if you are a heathen and throw nymphs under indicators at them.:thumb:



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A soft action 6 wt for trout (still water) and steelhead IMO.

The softer action really helps cushion when using lighter tippets and flies


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It used to be that the ideal sized rod was a 8'6" rod. Now they all seem to want the one foot longer rod. What's with that ???
Better/easier mending capabilities with the added length. That's why switch rods are the cat's ass for mending at a distance.

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