Flies for stillwater

The Nyerges nymph is a good one. Try tying some with an orange body. The Werner shrimp is another good fly to have along. Then there is the variant of an orange partridge with a yellow floss rib that can be dandy. The Steiner Duck Tail is a good one to throw in the box.

Probably the only limiting factor regarding fly selection is the number of fly boxes you can cram into your vest! Or you can be like a friend of mine that has made it simple. He uses 2 flies. A black wooley bugger on a long shank 8 and a black wooley bugger on a standard 8. Pretty boring if you ask me but he catches fishes.

Some guys just have the touch, Dave. My take on it is, suppose you decide that you want a chinese at 8PM. You get in your car and drive over to the Take out.

Well on your way, you pass the Deli and your mind says Hot Pastrami sandwich, and before you know what happened, you are back in your car with a wrapped sandwich on the seat beside you, headed home. I think it must be a lot like that for fish. They been feeding on shrimp all day and and along comes a tasty wooly bugger. Wham.

With this cabin fever, I just don't know if I can hold out till spring.
Just go to Hill's (site sponsor) and get one of there "lake packages".....has most of the good stuff for stillwaters. I know as I was the one that helped design the package. I've been standing on the shore of a basin lake talking to a gentleman about flies and he said "boy Hill's really put together a great lake package"....I took that as a vote of confidence!


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hard to beat the prince nymph for still water flys. purple is my go to fly. with a bead head i caught 6 different species on the same fly in less than 1hr. large mouth, small mouth, perch, crappie, blue gill and rainbow!
now i start and end my outings with a #12 purple bead head prince nymph. doesnt seem to matter when, where, temp, wheather ect.
Scottflycst, these old bones will not tolerate the cold so much. I think I will wait for warmer
weather when I can enjoy the great outdoors. Getting old is no fun, but it is more funner than the alternative. Being old and being cold is never fun.
I had to go to out this morning. When I came home, I decided to see how the lake and stream were holding up. Cottage Creek is completely out it's banks and the road just south of the lake is closed. No fooling. The lake is up to the bottom of the fishing pier that they put in. I have never seen that lake that high before. Almost in the parking area.

Now, tonight we got more rain beating on the skylight. It isn't pretty out there. I am wondering if all the plants in the lake will wind up in Lake Washington. Or maybe we could
get some steelhead in the lake. Naaaaa.
I fish Cottage a few times each year. I like that little lake. The Dept. stocks both bows and cutts in it. Those 12 & 13" cutts put up a great fight on a 4wt. We should fish it next spring, got some guarateed flies (thats what the guy that tied 'em said).
Well, we could do that. I will need to get my new float tube before we do. I can do that. I would like to give it a good shot. Maybe start to tie up some flies for it. Now I got to figure what they might like. I have never fished it with a fly.
In fact I have drove past it to get skunked on other lakes in the past.

Wonder how a carrot nympy would do in there?
Olive willys and small black leeches or buggers work well for me. Also the six pack sz 12. Later in the spring/summer damsel nymphs on the south end.

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