9140 sage tcx rod impressions

Leroy Laviolet

Aint no nookie like chinookie
5 stars for this . Stellar stic, super quick, lauching pad. If you like fast stuff, and a rod that's incredibly light in the hand, you might wanna try one- 8/9/10 wincutter is butter on this stick, I like a light load ... Rips tips like nobodys bisiness- Give one a whirl-:thumb: It's in my top three all time-:thumb::thumb: This is truly a top notch, high performance rod-


Steelhead Junkie
I couldn't agree more. During our GL September salmon run, this rod rocks. I have a windcutter 9/10/11 on the rod and a 700gr skagit flight, which was a touch much for my liking. I thinking of getting a 650 flight for next season.

I have built myself the 9140 and the 7126. I can't say enough about these TCX blanks. The 7126 has turned into that dream steelhead rod I've been looking for. Now I'm actually considering building myself the 5119, even though my z5110 is perfect and only been on the water twice, so watch the classifieds!
I really like mine. I took it up to the Day on the River with Aaron Reimer and he tested it out. Then he fixed me up with a CND long belly line. It casts great. I have a Scandi for it but the long belly casts better. Haven't tried a Windcutter or a Skagit head for it yet but I really like the CND line.

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