2011 Stillwater resolutions

For me ,it will be fishing east of okanagon county, And trying to top my bow from the methow valley lake that nearly broke my Glx.
And maybe fishing with Mumbles, and showing him some of my favorite lakes in the methow valley.
Let's see--first on my list is to get the pram built. Second, is to get the fly boxes filled with enough variety (that's taking place now). I've spent a lot of time in the salt, so hitting the dozens of lakes within a reasonable distance will be a good change. I also have a strong desire to hit a couple of big lakes that fly fishers largely ignore. Mostly, though, I just want to fish more, and having a small boat that slides into the back of the pickup will help with a couple of hours on this little gem or that.


Indi "Ira" Jones
A day without chironomids but only if Troutpocket will share some of his ties with me. Dryfalls won't count. Tell you what Rod, we'll work hard to hit a Brown this year and in the late fall/early Summer we'll hit a few lakes where I know we can hit them on dries. You could have picked up one at Coffee if you would have fished one.

Oh, I also want to get my 4 year old out more to his some fish and I want to pound a lake on the Islands for Bass again, this time going back with HUGE streamer patterns for bass the size of my leg.

Really? I think that is great, but twisted. You realize that most would put me in their resolutions of "who not to fish with"? That makes you a very twisted gent.
Yes , I am twisted, but I have to tell you that I found my pain meds and I took some before writing that post. I didnt mean any of it. It got a rise out of you as you most likely thought you were going to fish with me.
More BC. *A lake a day as long as you stay. *I like to hit 2 per day. *A Big brown ain't got nothing compared to a Kamloops rainbow. *It's like a cargo plane vs a high tech fighter. *Get a BC outdoors mapbook and close your eyes to select a lake. *I hope to visit 5 more new lakes this season. *
Lakes were my first love. I learned to flyfish on still water and some of my best memories are from lake fishing. Memories like: two fish back to back on Bayley over 45 inches of fish(es) incredible..... Wannacut a few years ago on the fling. It was raining so hard that the othetr guys gave up and I couldn't quit because I was catching so many fish. When I got back to the shore in my float tube the wind was blowing so hard I coouldn't get out of the tube. I ended up tipping the tube over and crawling up the beach....Paddling around Houser lake with a light 4wt and catching about a 100 bluegills on a hot hot july day...Coffee Pot last year all alone on the lake I caught four of the biggest hardest fighting fish one evening and there wasno one there to brag about it...
Yes stilll water is fun This year my goal is to get out in the afternoons more I have so many lakes that are withing 30-40 minutes from work. Now that I am working only part time at the fly shop I think it is my duty to get the direct scoop on the local lakes on a regular basis.
AND I think a 10' pram is definately on the must have list..
JJ, I agree you need to fish more so we will have up to date info on the hottest holes!
I'm going to fish more with some of the fine folks on this board and hopefully spend more time on the water with current friends.
Ira - that's a deal! March isn't too far away. I've got some brown trout territory in mind.

Ive - You're on my radar. I'll be in touch when I make the trip.


I'm gettin' on this one a bit late, sorry..
This year I want to use a wider variety of techniques based on what's happening at the moment, instead of sticking with what I'm comfortable with. Discovering this board is a solid step toward being able to do that.


Indi "Ira" Jones
Where you all at so far? With two trips under my belt now, I have had a day without catching fish on chironomids, but I did fish them so I don't know if that counts.

Finally fish Dry Falls and check out more of eastern washington. I've lived here most of my life and haven't hardly seen or fished most of it!