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Cleaning out the gear inventory to help finance the purchase of an engagement ring. All prices OBO, buyer pays shipping. Paypal is fine, I'll cover Paypal fees.

Sage Z-Axis 5100-4 10' 5 wt. Great condition. Purchased to use as my go to lake stick. No warranty card Sock/tube included. 400

Sage Z-Axis 590-2. 9' 5 wt, 2 piece. Great condition. No warranty card, but I don't believe Sage really cares. I plan to keep 1 of these Z 5 wts. As soon as 1 sells, I will pull the other off the market. I really only have need for 1 of them right now. Sock/tube included. 375

Sage Z-Axis 7100-4. 10' 7 wt 4 piece. Great condition. Cork a little discolored. Great beach rod, steamer rod, high stick nymphing etc. No warranty card. Sock/tube included. 400

TFO 11' 4 wt switch. 4 piece. Sock/tube included. Had this rod for a while now and just haven't gotten around to using it. Threw it a few times with a view lines, but never put in the effort to get it dialed it. 200

Echo Classic 9' 8 wt 4 piece. Has seen use but is still in fine shape. Tube included. 60

Airflow 10' 6/7 wt. 3 piece. I can't remember the model number for this rod, and can't look till I get home tonight. Rod is in great shape except for near one of the ferrules there is a thread wrap that has frayed out. It doesn't affect anything, but its there. Nice medium-fast action. Saltwater safe components. sock/tube. Really is a nice rod- 75

Hardy Uniqua #3. Brand new in box. Bought to use on the 7100, but picked up another reel and never used this one. 100

Ross CLA #4 Seen use on various rods, but no noticeable scratches/scuffs that I can find. With backing, box, neoprene case and warranty card. 150

Nautilus FW 7 and spare spool. Excellent condition. Reel has been sent back to Nautilus to have the drag updated. Box/neoprene cases included. 300.

Entire lot of fly tying material/tools. Too much material to list. Like new Danvise, a couple bobbins, couple scissors, whip finisher, hair stacker. Also have a tying lamp/magnifying glass. Light/glass can be positioned over the vise. Material mostly geared towards trout flies. Lots of hooks, hackles, chenille, maribou, threads, variouis feathers and furs. 275

I will most likely be adding more stuff when I get home tonight. I don't have any pics at the moment, but can use my girlfriends camera if someone needs to see something. I take care of my gear, and will gladly give anyone a 3 day return policy to inspect.

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Ed Call

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Rods/Reels for sale

Nick, congratulations. Wish you did not have to offer those smoking deals on those Z Axis rods. Wish I had the cash. Is that 5100-4 accompanied by a spare tip? That and the 7100 are awesome longer rods.
Rods/Reels for sale

Why yes Ed, as a matter of fact it does have a spare tip. How on earth did you know that, and more to the point how did I forget to mention that? Thanks for keeping me honest!
I'm interested in the fly tying materials / tools. Can you PM me a better idea of the amount of supplies included or e-mail me photo's.

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