Big Sky Fly Shop recommndation please

Working my way towards a visit to Washington and to get to meet you guys at some stage I have organised a trip in the meantime to Big Sky with a friend of mine next summer.

It may be that I need to add to my fly tying gear as well as my tackle.

Aware that Orvis have an outlet there thought I'd ask you guys if you could recommend a good all round tackle shop.

Cheers in advance

Loopy: While I now live in Washington, Montana was home for 37 years. Like everywhere else some great MT fly shops have met their demise for one reason or the other. We are blessed with at least one full service fly shop located in Missoula but well versed with fisheries throughout the state. The Kingfisher, owned and operated by Matt Potter and Jim Cox can give best advice as to what works, where and when. And they can get and ship just about anything. If shipping within US there is no charge. I believe there is a charge for mail service outside US (at least on smaller purchases)? E-mail is; phone # 1-888-542-4911. Since both Matt and Jim gave up the oars you might catch one or both in the shop. Enjoy your adventure; let me know where and when and I might try and meet up with you. I still make two or three trips to "Big Sky" country every year--duane j
Big Sky has several fly shops. Can't remember their names. From there West Yellowstone (aka Wally World) is only 30 minutes down the road while Bozeman
is about an hour away. All of those shops have pretty good cash register engineers. Bozeman is the only place I know of where
the local radio stations (all of them, AM and FM) run the latest "Fly Fishing Reports" all day long, right after the summer anyway.

Most ski bums in Montana are fishing guides in summer. The real trick is to find the ones who ski in winter only because
the fishing is no good....rather than the other way around.
Just west of Bozeman is Greater yellowstone fly shop, went in there for a week straight and the guys were great. Real open and friendly, gave me some information about the river I was going to fish and a few flies to use. A local guy I know suggested the place to me. Well worth it in my opinion.

If your in West Yellowstone stop the Campfire Lodge Resort on the Madison. Great full service fly shop. Jim Slattery, the owner, is also a fan of the wee wets and flymphs.


Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
Loopy most of the shops we deal with are listed as sponsers 'on the Home page of this forum if you want to check them out. good luck
Thanks REE - bear that in mind.

One of the reasons for asking about shops is that not all fly tying stuff that is available in the US is available in the UK and like some You Tube clips can only be seen in the country of origin if you get my drift.

Therefore a personal visit is due.


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