Meiser 3/4 are Beulah 4/5 switch rod


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I would like to build a switch rod for trout fishing, but I would like to know some more about those two blanks.

Has any one cast these blanks ? what are the big difference between them ?

I have a meiser switch 8/9 an like it a lot, but i'm affraid that the 3/4 meiser is still to heavy for trout it has a big grain window from 250 - 400 grains.

Some advise would be appreciated

Thanks Michel


got the 4wt meiser switch rod...11' and it is one bad ass rod...use it for trout and it's a blast...
I have an 11' 9" Anderson 3 wt. switch rod that throws heads at the lower end of your weight scale 250/300 gr. out of sight. While it's a lot of fun to cast whether or not it's suitable for trout, in my opinion, depends on the size of the trout you have in mind, 2 lbs up great; 10/12 inches not so great.


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...i'm affraid that the 3/4 meiser is still to heavy for trout it has a big grain window from 250 - 400 grains.
I don't think that grain range is too heavy for trout at all. Remember that the grain window quoted for switch/spey rods includes not just the fly line but also the weight of tips if you use sink tips. Bob Meiser has a good explanation of how to use grain window:

Having said that, I have just got a new Beulah 6wt 10'4" switch that replaces my 7wt and 8wt single-hand rods for heavy trout and light steelhead/salmon. I'll be starting with a short skagit 350gr head for big streamers and sink tips on one spool and a short scandi 325gr head on the other for more general-purpose usage with polyleaders. This was on direct recommendation of the Beulah staff. So just off the top of my head (others please correct me if I'm wrong), I'll be using somewhere in the range of 350gr (if using the scandi head with a floating polyleader and dry fly) to 500gr (if using the skagit head, a T-10 tip and a big streamer) with that rod. I'm told it should be able to do all of that well. We shall see.


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I have a Beulah 4/5 Switch. It's an easy fishing rod with plenty of bend. I like it with an Airflo 40+ 6wt [260 grain] Will breezily toss Airflo's 10' Intermediate Trout Poly.. unsure about heavier sink versions, have never tried them.

Also use a Ace Vision 6wt head that's pretty good.. really prefer an integrated line though.

Good luck


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Bob's rod is actually rated as a 3/4/5 (if we're talking about the same stick), and I have same. The 'grain window' is wide, but that's because of its multi line rating. Load this with a low grain line (mine's a SGS 280 grain head) and it is a three weight all the way. And a hoot for low water summer run fishing. A 3-5 pound fish will really put a bend in that Puppy.