What should I use for fly fishing this time of year?

black leech, slow retrieve.

when water temps drop fishes metabolism slows down and they wont go on crazy chases for food, but they will eat an easy meal. you gotta figure out the right depth
Give Ford Fenders's stillwater articles a read. He covers the seasons in detail and explains the how-to for winter. The short version is that water temperature is the biggest factor in feeding activity and we're now below prime feeding temps for trout. They still have to eat but not as much. There is a reason a lot of guys wait for spring. If you are going to get out anyway, take Dustin's advice. A black or olive bugger or leech is as good as anything.
Leeches on a slow retrieve in the shallows, where the fish that are feeding move into find easy meals. I also have succes with midge pupae patterns. If you really want to torture yourself, fish tiny midge dries or emergers to risers if you find them. I cast to a pod of risers for over two hours yesterday without a hookup/

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