How about some info on a waterproof video cam/camcorder?


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Anybody out here using a waterproof D/HD video camera? Were I to be purchasing one, what features should I look for compared to costs? Do they make one that has a remote? How about zoom features? Speed settings, etcetera?
I know absolutely nothing about them but would like to find out what I can, in order to do my homework before I start hunting for one.
Stay away from the Kodak Sport. Absolute junk, horrible picture even in 1080 HD.
I have to disagree with you on that. We have the Sport and it takes great videos. Just don't shoot at 1080. Drop it down to 720. Makes a big difference.
the kodak sport is great. plus small enough to stick in a vest pocket. My friend is the producer of HAWG QUEST on fox sports northwest and they use the sport for many of their underwater fishing scenes on the show.


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Go pro's are crazy little devices that deliver a quality picture even under the most intense vibrations. We put them on our sprintcars that viberates like a mother and the picture stays very good. So for fishing it would be flippin phenomenal!

panasonic ts3 is the way to go, waterproof to 40 feet. Shoots in 1080p, 12 megapixel stills (which is an upgrade from the 14mp ts2 due to sensor size). Has some gimicky things that probably don't work that great, but the decent image quality, good video quality, and durability are good reasons to buy it.


Just waiting on warmer weather, .......
I tried to make a pm reply to Idaho Mike but not sure what happened, the reply said "user not found", so I'll post it here in my thread.

Hey there, & Hi to all.

I think I am going to go with the go pro, & yes, ...I know it is somewhat cost prohibitive, but the quality, I think, overall, is better, but even with that being said there are some differences in the durability end of the camera's that appeal to me more so than the others. I already know that I'm a Miracle Whip, kind of guy, so other salad dressing's, or mayo's, just don't have the zing that I'm looking for, know what they say, "It's just not a sandwich without Miracle Whip."

So yeah, I've been leaning towards the go pro camera all along, but like you, I wanted/needed someone else's input on the subject.

And just so that you know, I'm not squeamish on buying/purchasing a quality product, as I, (against the cost prohibitive judgment factor), bought a new depthfinder, the Humminbird ci Si Di HD Combo, the one with the smaller screen, for the full price of $1044.99 plus tax, & the extended warranty, through Cabela's, even though there was one advertised online for $938.00 with free shipping, & all just because of the fact that the company that was selling it did not respond to an email asking if this model also had the down imaging feature, which is/was new for 2011. (The earlier manufacturer's models did not have this feature.) So I spent a little more, but got what I wanted, knowing that it would be more expensive. It was a choice call, & I chose the upgrade factor that suited me.

Needless to say though, this will have to do what I need it to, for the rest of my life. I also found out that I must buy the unit-to-pc cable separately in order to download any updates into the unit. LOL they get you coming, going, or both, & all @ the same time. I'm also going to have to invest in a couple of SD cards, & possibly the Navionics, or other brand name of lake info detail maps that are specifically for this unit. And in order to do that, I will make them show me the differences in quality for the features that will best suit my application. ie, show me how it works in the unit you have in this store. Or will I have to buy a special kind of SD card?

I have a few other problem bugs to get worked out over the winter, but hope to be able to get on the water next spring, & really get into catching some great fish. And if I'm really lucky, I hope to reproduce my "3 hr cruise, Gilligan", 17 mile, float tube trip down the Iroquois River by next June, in 2012. And who knows, I might even have some pics, or video.


Just waiting on warmer weather, .......
Agreed, Dustin, but when I put this post out here, it was prior to the release of the GoPro II.
And I keep entering every day for the "everything we make daily GoPro giveaway" too!

Hmmm, which reminds me that I need to get entered today too! lol!

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