Hohdown, March 19


I'd say stay away from the Upper Duc this time of year. Those fish are spawning up there. It'd be a gravel rape fest.
Fish that do come in a bit earlier tend to do their thing in the upper sections of most rivers. But, just to be clear, the later fish mostly spawn in the lower portions of the rivers. Just saying that there will probably be better numbers at this time of year than say Jan-Feb but most of the fish at this time will be spawning in the middle to lower sections of the river. Most of the fish in the upper sections are probably done and gone by this time. Either way, you're fishing over potential spawning grounds.
WTF guess I should follow things on this closely. Glad I tuned in. Do not care where we fish as long as I fish. I am in for Yak or Hoh either way its time away from work.
Lets use this thread for a roll call.
Post when you are planing on showing up and what your bringing. :beer1:
1. Jeff Bandy
2. Orangeradish
3. Evan Burck
4. Rob Ast
5. Mumbles
6. Blake Harmon
7. Dustin Bise
8. Stilly Stalker
9. Jerry
10. GT.
11. Matthew Guibranson
12. Matt Smith
13. Islander
14. Ralphie
15. Panhandle
16. Topwater
17. Alex MacDonald
18. John Hicks
19. Paul Huston
20. Sean Beauchamp
21. Daryle Holmstorm
22. Surfnsully
23. Chris Scoones
24. Salmo _G
25. veilside180sx
26. J.Michelle Swope
27. fodf
28. Paul Norton
29. William B
30. Matt Burke
31. Jason Rolfe
32. XstreamAngler
33. hikepat
34. SteveO2
35. Backyard
36. Nick Cameron
37. theonethatgotaway
38. Landon
39. James Mello
40. DonChilds
41. flybill (show up you wimp)
42. SummitFlyGuy
Won't be able to make it, did a dumb shit move when the snow came (thought I get some great snow pics at night so grabbed the handy P & S to head outside barefoot, did a 180 on my left hip) then took another fall the a couple of days later. Been using a walker for the last two weeks, the Canadian Club helps ease the pain.


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