Hohdown, March 19

Chris Scoones

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Will be there Weds through Sunday. Looking forward to it.

Planning on bring quite a bit of wood and hopefully a much larger tarp than last year.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Its ok Jeff. Ain't hard at all. Just know some guys want the bacon bomb so want it on a day a few people will be there. Now you could do a chowder Wednesday. If I come wed ill be there around 8pm. But bet it'll be more like Thursday. Going to mule train with Paul to the Hoh Down. So thinking Thursday early.

Jerry Daschofsky

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4 pounds would suffice. I don't want to take all your elk burger.

Onto the big meal on Saturday night. Did everyone want smoked ribeyes again? I've done it 2 years in a row. Its always a favorite but just checking. Also its imperitive I get an accurate head count for food especially for the ribeyes. We had so many last second buy ins I had to cut down ribeyes last year. Will put exact info on the food thread when I put it up. But have to get an accurate count. May buy two ribeye slabs. If we have some leftover can do a ribeye hash on Sunday (that was a hit at the 2 fly as well).
All; Just made up a list of those planning on attending this years get together and put it on the first page. If your name isn't there, speak up.
24 and counting.


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Since Jerry is cooking again, I'm coming. Way too good to miss. Jerry, just give us the word on how much and if you want us to chip in via Pay Pal.

jerry i vote for bacon bomb friday and definitely the ribeye saturday. i still wake up all sweaty thinking about it. that and the bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers....

my buddy Nic will be with me again this year. he aint on here but he'll be coming. just FYI

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