Hohdown, March 19

Rob Ast

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Just got my March Schedule finalized. I will be coming Thursday. Plan on arriving mid-day to help with camp kitchen set up and general settling in acivities.

Jerry Daschofsky

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That's great Rob. Can't wait to see you.

Will do bacon bomb Friday. Probably do a fried tenderloin like I did last year (looks like chicken fried steak) for Thursday.

Will put a post up in the next couple days for food buy in. :) if you want to eat what I'm cooking you gotta read and respond to that post. ;)

Jerry Daschofsky

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I know I brought extra toons 2 years in a row and nobody used them. Finally stopped bringing them. Just my drift boat now. But may bring the 10' Steelheader. I know Mr Davey would've used it last year.

Ed Call

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I'm planning on brining my 14' cataraft. Many things will determine if that happens or not, if I bring my water master or not. Many variables for me, including how Jeff's rehab is going. Whether I'm bringing my tent trailer and who all might be counting on seats in boats.
I would love a spot on a boat. I don't have anything lined up yet, so if you're looking to keep a seat warm I'm game. I can also row a bit too.
Do you want to keep a seat warm, or do you want to row your own boat?

I can potentially bring a 14' cat or raft (3 people including rower), and a 10' cat. I should be there Thurs night through Saturday, so people are welcome to juggle who's on what as well. I'm just trying to get a feel on what to bring.

J.Michelle Swope

Yes, I said "bobi-cator"
Im in Friday through Sunday. I'll bring the 17' driftboat, and have two seats available if anyone wants to drift, and take a turn at the oars! Will bring firewood and Scotch!

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