Omak Lake Rendevous

I might be up for an Omak trip, depending on the timing. I hear they have those "Okanogan Carp" in that lake.
The third weekend in March is also the Hoh Down.....and they allow guns and booze.

Ed Call

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Tough to double book the fishing/social events of the Hoh Down and Omak at the same or close to same time. If there is a gap between the two, or if I am in the doghouse...why not!


Indi "Ira" Jones
This is a Stillwater section as well. Although I did miss the Hoh Down date. Either way I imagine there are enough Eastsiders that don't want to make the trip and Stillwater guys that are not big on the whole river steelhead thing, that a double book will actually be a benifit versus a hindurance. Although if mumbles could split his personality and be at both we would all either be in trouble or that much better off.


Ed Call

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Oh Ira, that would be horrible. I'm the reason anti-cloning legislation must exist. The Hoh is closer and as such would likely get my time, but eventually I want to explore in that area to the east.


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Good points Ira. Not many eastsiders will be driving 300 miles to sit in a rain forest and have maybe a 10% chance of touching a fish. But if you are close by-why not? It should be fun.

On the other hand Omak offers a much greater opportunity for moderate weather and a better certainty of catching fish. I prefer to error on the side of dry. One thing to take note of is that the Spokane Fly Fishers usually have an event on the reservation at about the same time. I haven't seen their 2011 schedule yet but depending on where they go it could have an impact on camping sites.

The SFF(I used to be a member long ago) stays at Reynold's Resort on Buffalo Lake. Another excellent and cheap camping opportunity, with rustic cabins at 20-25$ a night. And if I remember right they show up mid-April.
I realized that the Hoh down was the same weekend, but most eastsiders wouldn't be attending. I only posted this on the stillwater page to see if anyone would even be interested. Alot more postive resposes than I expected.
My work schedule in March-April is always a crapshoot but if the stars align (I put my availability at 60/40) I'll be there. Omak (or O'mak as I've seen it written up in the past :)) has been on my list for several years.


Indi "Ira" Jones
Time to revise and ramp this up! I'm in and most likely taking the 18th off to drive over. Triploid are you still planning to give us pointers? How about a place to meet up? Etc...

CRAP CRAP CRAP! Why does this have to be the 19th! My last CED class is this weekend.

Let me know if you do this again soon. I've been wanting to try new places.
i8bug: you look sick... you might need totake the day off on the 19th,
I hear that!

I'm feeling sick....cause I can't hook up with you guys. :mad:

It literally is the last class that I can even take before my journeymans lic. expires. There's no other make up classes either!

I hope you guys catch PIGS all day long! Wait, what am I saying? I hope the wind blows 25 mph and, and, and you you catch a cold! :clown:

Have a great time! Catch one for me will ya!?

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