Fishing Report.... Awesome day at Pass


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Today was just grand. Last night my fishing friend and I were bantering back and forth about going fishing so we decided on today. What a great day it was.

We decided to meet up at the lake at 11 am.... but I get a call at 7 am saying he is already on his way and of course, I got jelious... had to breath in and out a few times, pulled up the covers and kept warm. Then the itch started and I got ready, loaded up and out the door. Got there around 9 or so.

The weather was great but wind was blowing a lot. But rowing wasent bad at all. I decided to try out my new sage rod (see... I had this rod for about 4 months or so but was too peranoid to try it with my pontoon fearing that I would loose it). What a damn awesome rod. I love it.

I left the boat launch and headed left. Started casting and retrieving. Got hung up on the bottom a lot. I think the type 6 is too much for me right now. Had a little trouble controling the pontoon in the wind. I need an anchor sometime or another.

I had no luck with this approach. Lets face it... I need more practise at it. I like to actually see how it is done (not just read it). Monkey see moneky do! :)

After about two hours my butt was sore (cushion I got didnt help much). I went into shore, stood up, had a cup of coffee and relaxed a little.

Then I headed out again. Changed flies, made the tippet longer and thinner and trolled slowly. At this point... no bites... no nothing. My friend was catching fish and I was a little jelious. He told me to switch over to his top seceret fly but I wanted to catch a fish on MY FLY THAT I TIED,

So as I was trolling..... BAM... a nice hit. I missed it. Trolled a little longer and again, nice bite. I LANDED IT. Awesome rainbow... on my fly I tied on my new sage 5 wt rod.

Freaking awesome. I was (and still am) on top of the world.

No other bites today. Didnt care really. Had a great time with friends. Still have tons to learn. Mainly how to control my boat and my line and how to read water.

Here is the picture. Its awesome!

Ed Call

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Freaking awesome report. Funny how one fish to some is a bad day but anyone who's paying attention knows that this one fish on the fly may well have opened the flood gates. Where are you fishing tomorrow? Well done, congratulations and thanks for sharing. The more you fish and the more fish you catch the less that seat will be a problem. Did you angle it yet?


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not yet. I get my new renegade tomorrow I hope so if I dont like the renegade, I will angle the seat.

I really do need to break down and buy the damn rod holder or make one. grrr.....

Not fishing tomorrow. I will hit lone, pass, and martha next week I hope.

Ed Call

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Go to Sportco in Fife or Outdoor Emporium in Seattle, get the Scotty rod holders. If your boat has room on the frame tubes for the tubing mounting brackets get those. If not, get the glue on patches...and make damn sure you know where you want to put them interference with stripping aprons, oars, etc. Don't rush the full modfication of your rig, let it go forward one solid step at a time. The more you fish in it the more you will know exactly what you want.


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Chef, were you using fins to troll as well or oars only? With a good pair of fins (force fins or scuba fins in my case), I rarely use my oars to troll in my pontoon boat. With my fins, I can keep my rod and line in my hands at all time when trolling; this is a real advantage if you feel a light strike or if you want to quickly recast to a spot where you just missed a strike. If I want to adjust the direction of my trolling, my hands are free to adjust the line.

Sounds like a great day whatever the details of how you fished.

Wow. Well you are hooked now.
Great job, great report, and great that you got out.
That fish looks like a real trophy. Nice fly too. I think a little time on the water and
we will need to change your name to Master, and you can sit and pontificate on how it
is done. Keep it up.
Papafish: The fly is a black wolly bugger. Black marabou for the take. Black chenile with red specs. weighted undernear and black saddle hackle.

It feels great.... still! :)

I plan to get a rod holder once I figure out the new pontoon. I hope the seat is easier on my rear end. :)

I was using force fins first half of the day. They were really getting in the way of my line when I was stripping. I dont have a stripping basket so I would just let the line fall in the water underneath me. When I went back into the boat launch, I took them off (funny thing.... when I went back in the water, I tried to paddle with me feet. lol).

The sage rod was awesome. The extra height it had really helped casting and the flex on it was perfect.

Rob Ast

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Sweet fish. Always nice to catch them on a fly you tied, that you selected for the conditions at hand. a stripping basket will help a lot with line managment - doesn't have to be anything fancy.