Best thing you bought this year?


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Some Audio Technica ATH-A700 headphones on the cheap.

Lagartun mini braid--stuff changed the way I tie flies, although if you've seen my flies you know how pathetic that is :)
i would have to start with my cooper discoverer stt tires and pro comp 52 series wheels for my truck. then after that it would be my synthetic stocked remington 870 for my beat around gun, and after that i would have to say my fishing license and gas to get me to my spots. been one hell of a year!
Hmmm... Let's see...

A new house...

Diamonds for my sweetie...

Simms G3 waders...

Oh, yeah... And my 1st spey rod!!! Decho 7wt. And I have steel on it already. MOJO MOJO!


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Here at the homestead it was probably our best year ever from a financial standpoint despite having been retired for over 10 years. And of course there has been a commensurate number of big ticket items that have somehow magically appeared. But there is one small item that pleases me every time I pick it up and it has some history to precede it. It is a Cyclops LED spotlight-something that I desperately needed. It replaces an older 2 million candle power light that had lead acid batteries. It weighed 3 pounds 13 ounces and was about the same diameter of a steam locomotive headlight. And it had a burn time of 3 to 4 minutes depending on which of the two batteries I had in it. I could barely get to the barn and back at night without this thing crapping out on me. I do an eyeball check every time I go out at night and although I usually see only deer in the yard I have also seen bear, coyote and cougar. Not a cast of characters I want to be out in the dark with.

The new light gives me some real confidence that I can crawl under the house if necessary or be out after dark without fear of a blackout. Burn time on spotlight is 3 hours and 40 hours when just using it as a flashlight. It is small, light at 1 pound 6 ounces and almost as powerful as the old monster was but vastly more dependable. This is the kind of product that I really appreciate-a huge step forward in performance and convenience without a big leap forward in price.

Was a great year to be an outdoors men!
my BEST purchases were these by far...
-CZ redhead deluxe 12g O/U
-Deer creek spey setup
-Echo Ion 10' 7wt (money in the bank right there. these rods are leeeeeegit.)
oh yeahhh and cliffs bugger box. the really really big one. these boxes are the only way!

Last but not least... my custom steelface net should be done anytime!
course it will prlly be a part of next years collection.