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I love swinging flies with a spey rod but there's something about boulder hopping up small mountain streams throwing dries to willing cutthroat in perfect solitude that sets my soul back into balance. So my most important rod is my 3 weight, a Burkheimer 389. I also tried a Winston IM6 386 and that was a special rod too, I really regret selling it but I always grabbed the Burkie. The holy grail for me was a Tom Morgan.

I've been on his waiting list for about a year. I figured it will be another couple years before my number ever came up. I know Tom has some health issues so I wasn't positive I'd be able to purchase one of his rods ever. Still, I've been saving some money in my 'fishing fund' just in case.

A few days back, I happened to check the devils playground and saw an auction for a Morgan rod that had only been going a couple hours. It was the right length and in like-new condition so I told my wife. She told me to get my ass in there and buy it before someone else beat me to it so she wouldn't have to put up with my moping around over the holidays...

The rod arrived today. Very classy from the custom shipping tube to the cover for the beautiful tube, the padded rod sock and finally the deep garnet gem of a rod. It was like playing with one of those layered Russian Dolls. I'm in full-on swinging for Steel mode right now but waggling the Morgan 386 in the living room has me thinking of those long summer days where the golden hour of dusk seems to last forever.

Happy New Year!


fish'n glass
nice catch! i am indeed jealous, but it sounds like it's gone to a good home. Tom is a great guy and if it's a glass blank you ordered from him, they may be coming in the next month or two. boy am i excited!! just wish i could afford 2 blanks. maybe i should get selling plasma or a kidney...
After corresponding with Tom over a couple emails, he confirmed my initial thought.

The rod they build just for me will be the soft 8' 4wt. How could I get anything other than the Favorite?


fish'n glass
wow, that's exciting! will it be made for you in the near future? an 8' 4wt rod is pretty much perfect for many of our local trout waters. are you getting the completed rod or just the blank?
I'm getting a complete rod in graphite. I doubt it will be anytime soon. Based on his normal wait time, I probably have at least another year, probably 2.

_WW_ that's a cool reel. I was initially thinking about an old 2 7/8 perfect but I think a 3" St George or Junior will get the call. My favorite small trout reels are the Godfrey classics but I'm pretty rough on gear and when I was using my 275, I was often thinking more about not dinging the reel than I was about sneaking up on the trouts.


fish'n glass
as always WW, great pix.

@ Tom,
but whenever it comes, it's gonna be fantastic! i think he said that he's finishing out about 20 rods a year, regardless the material. of course the blank comes fairly quickly, but then who do you have finish it right??

Just spoke with Tom & Gerri and my rod is in the works. It'll be his current version of the TMF, a medium-light 8' 4wt 3-piece. I ordered mine with a cigar grip and a down-locking slide band with a burl reel seat. From his site:
"The 8', 4-weight, 3-piece rod is a softer rod for fishing close to medium distances with great delicacy."

I fished the 3wt for the first time last weekend and it was just dreamy. I'm very excited to get this 4wt. Just talking to one of my flyfishing heros, Tom Morgan on the phone was a thrill. Based on my emails and short phone conversation, he and Gerri seem like incredibly nice folks.
A rod you'll cherish, admire, and fish till the day you die. Be sure and post a picture when you get the 4wt. I have the Winston 8'6" WT 3wt, it's my favorite trout rod, I can only imagine what your Tom Morgan 3wt feels like, awesome!

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