You guys are bad luck!!


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This year has been terrible for water levels over here on the true east side and I blame it all on you west siders!! The Ronde went from 1000 cfm Friday morning to 5500 cfm Friday night. Needless to say that river was out of the question for the weekend??

So, will you please keep your bad mojo rain/water issues to yourselves?? Thanks

~Patrick ><>


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:bawling :bawling :bawling :bawling :bawling

So go tie flies and quitcherbitchin'...I didn't get to fish this weekend either.


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mike doughty

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i don't know what you're complaining about, i can't fish the east side, west side, washington, or even the usa, but someday damnit i will. sorry, could'nt resist.


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Refresh my memory here: "rain/water"-is that the liquid form of the white stuff that is stacked up 6' high along side my barn? Our lakes are all rinks right now and the streams? Well, you can still hear them running under there........Ive


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Hey doesn't sound like to many people are fellen sorry for you. Well I do I know what it's like to get all excited for an awsome day of fishing only to ahve something happen and not be able to go......Wait a second I had to work and didn't even have the chance to get excited to go fishing or even tie flies. Nope I'm not sorry for you at all :p
Oh gee whiz I feel so bad for you! Snow in the mountains means water in the rivers this summer.
Being a stay at home dad is not all roses! Well I quess there are some thorns to contend with!
Every time this winter the rivers over here have dropped into shape I get a job and have to go out and collect some cash to pay the bills! The rivers get flat or they rise and go out of shape I end up siting around. So why should it be any diferent for you LOL

Geez Pat, I feel so sorry for you, that damn run off. Hell i'd even cry you a river, if it wouldn't cause any flooding over here on the wet side.



Jay Allyn

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I havent't been able to try out my new multi-tip system for steelhead yet. Every time I have an chance to fish or I do get out there to the river, the river is +4' higher than normal and the color of chocolate milk. I might have to wait even longer from what the weatherman is saying lately. But there is one, ok two, good things about the rain. It equals snow in the mountains which means more skiing and water for the summer!

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