What weight flourocarbon line for winter steelhead?


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Yup. Remember how many summer fish I broke off, horsin' the shit out of them with 14lb mono? 7 that one day alone.

If you fight an ordinary 8-12lb steelhead longer than 4-5 minutes, you ain't doing it any favors.
ha... nice!

Another story,
One time I walked into a fly shop in Atlanta and people were complaining about a popular trout reel don't have enough room for backing.
I said, trout in Altanta? backing? I don't even use my backing when I fish for striper !? seriously, only few good size (10-20lb) I saw my backing knot...
Interesting thread. I am intrigued by everyone who uses P-Line and loves it. Maybe it's changed in the last few years? I used some of the P-Line mono on some salmon one year and had so many fish break off it was crazy. I switched back to maxima and didn't have that problem. I don't know if the flouro is very different, but haven't tried it.

I have been using just mono maxima in 15lb for winter swinging. It's served me well, and I can often get flies back when they decide to get wedged in a rock. I know that's not true for 12 or 10lb, at least for me. I figure if the fly is really going to be where it should - in the fishes face, then it's not going to care too much if it's 10 or 15lb test.


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I use 15 in winter, I feel that the spey cast is so violent that with large ass fly's and some WAY OVERWHELMING snap T's the line wears in a matter of an hour, I have seen way too many fish break off on the bite with less sometimes I even go to 20, there is nothing graceful about T14 and 6 inch rabbit...


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Rio Fluoro for trout nypmhing (still and moving water) and Maxima Ultragreen for steelhead fishing. I usually use 8-10 lb tippet in the summer/fall and/or over smaller fish and 12-15 lb in winter and/or BC/higher-colored water. I used to hate Maxima tippet spools because the line would uncoil (and the price of the 27 yard spools got to be pretty spendy) but recently bought 250 yard spools and take the time to wind new line on my tippet spools when it runs low (saving a bunch of money). The new tippet spool retainers are great for keep unruly line from uncoilling off the spools.

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I use 15 in winter, I feel that the spey cast is so violent that with large ass fly's and Mumbles' WAY OVERWHELMING shitty casting the line wears in a matter of an hour, I have seen way too many fish break off on the bite with less sometimes I even go to 20, there is nothing graceful Mumbles trying to flail about T14 and 6 inch rabbit...
Where have you been? I adjusted your's above...and you nailed it!

stewart dee

Some have seen me hand furled a tapered leader down by the river, then I only fish a short 6 or 10 inch piece of leader attached to my fly. This way my leaders are the desired length (for me it a secret I cant share), they hold up for several trips, use less material throughout the season, turn over better and I believe allow the fly to swim better while in tow. That's just me and I should add -- better distance on my bobber and bead presentation.
When using my 7wt switch rod I use 12# flouro while fishing in the winter on smaller water. 15 -17 # flouro when using larger flys and 7 -8 wt spey rod in medium and larger waters in winter. Like the PLine 100% Flouro, be sure to get the right stuff not the the coated stuff. If it's only coated and not 100% flouro may as well stick with the tried and true Maxima Ultragreen. Summer fishing with floating line it's always Maxima 8 and 10# on a maxima hand tied leader.
Summer: 8lb. - 10lb. Yozuri H2O Invisible Green
Winter: 10lb. - 12lb. Yozuri H2O Invisible Green

Yozuri H2O is designated as a fluorocarbon line for the reel, but it is really too stiff for a reel line. It does have excellent characteristics for leader material though. I've been using it for fly, gear leaders for many years now, tough and performs well. The invisible green color makes it even more stealthier than clear fluorocarbons. 200 yard spools, a much better deal than buying small fluorocarbon leader spools.

0X tippet .011in = 12lb. Rio fluoroflex in clear water for winter steelhead.
12 or 15 lb. maxima for off color winter conditions and glacial streams like the Hoh.
I have had fish break off on the take with 0X but not the fluoroflex and it has a smaller Diameter than other tippet. Maxima ultragreen .013 = 12lb.
Measured in 100ths of an inch = 0X 1X 2X and so on. Each company seems to very to some degree.
Just my observation at a glance if I am mistaken please excuse.


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