Swap Steelhead Jig Swap. Oh No's!


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Wait...Jesse, you don't even fucking tie either! :rofl:

I'm down like a clown for this shit though! :beer1:

You can call mine the TomB-StewD special. :thumb:
I would like you all to know that the definition for STEW is actually "whorehouse". Therefore, from now on, when I whore out and catch a steelhead on the jig I am calling it a Stewdie.


stewart dee

Why a StewD special? I am under the radar with my Jigs and Beads. Shit I think my tip top is chipped from that last Snap Tee. Ooops I just puked a little after looking at those Jigs.
I think you should let the mods do their job and just not participate in such threads if they offend you. If the mods of the forum don't think it belongs here, it will be removed. But I don't think that's likely.

Also: weighted flies are just jigs no matter how you want to justify it.
don't really want to get involved, but evan, point proven.

Bob Jones

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Okay YOu win!!! I went out to the garage and found two packages of Jig heads one of ten and one of twelve two different colors. So I'm in and this is the problem I won't be getting rid of something I don't use because you'll be sendinig some back. I still have to come up with 2 patterns and names. I'll let you know.


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What the heck is the deal?!??

WFF is all erudite and urbane, even dare I say gentile. Then this swap comes along and it's f-in' this and f-in' that and explicatives for and references to excrement abound.

It's as if the whole crew was doin' the the Hookie-Pookie, only got half "about" and bent over.

That must be the "Oh No's" part. LOL

Ed Call

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Whoa. Had a busy day and come back to stumble upon this. If I did not already have a bunch of swap flies to tie up I might just puke at the thought of entering. Intrigued by the dirtyness.