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mike doughty

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I'm trying to upload new pictures, but i have used to much space. is there anyway to decrease the size of the pictures that are already uploaded in my gallery so that i can upload more?
you need to get a program that resizes pictures...photoshop..or something equivalent..sometimes there are free downloads that can do it easily


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nook, you made my day as i thought i was the only person who knew nothing about computers. resize, cut and paste,and trying to get those yellow things(smilies) over here are over the noggin. i type with one finger. in the near future two will be a possibility. wow
If you have Microsoft Paint, which virtually every computer running Windows has, then you can resize your pictures easily. Simply right click on a thumbnail of the file, click "Edit", then after the picture opens choose "Image" from the toolbar and "Stretch/Skew" from the drop-down menu. For a normal size digital photo (i.e. 1600 x 1200), shrink it to about 35-45% of its original size. I will usually save the resulting picture under a new filename to keep the original intact, then you can upload the shrunken pic.

Good luck! :)

Old Man

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I don't know what kind of camera you are using to take your pictures,but if you are using a digital you can resize them on your camera before you take them. I found that out the hard way. It's like doing the computer thing with two fingers and a on and off switch. Anything to do with electronics I'm a total failure.


mike doughty

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I appreciate the help, i will try bugnuts advice and if that doesn't work then i will send them to new guy and in the future i will take old man's advice.