Alittle*Lone" Time?


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Guitarfish and I are going to need a little *Lone* time on Sunday. We have had issues with eating too many cookies and not enough fishing sooooo if anyone wants to join us tomorrow... sunday... please feel free to. I will be baking tonight... cookies for sure..... thinking of bagles too if I have time to make them or perhaps mini cupcakes which I love.
Ok "Amigo".JC here. Count me in for Sunday too. After that great turn out on Jan the 2nd. ("what a way to bring in the new year, I had a blast.). Half the lake 's banks were covered with ice then. So I still have half the lake to explore. Hmmm.......Here fishy...fishy....fishy....


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Sunday and Monday JC????? You gonna hit a double like me? Pedro coming on Sunday? If not, lets put my toon on the top of the truck and your boat in the back of my truck. What u think?
:hmmm: We'll have to hang on to our hats - it could be a bumpy ride...

NOAA Sunday forecast for the Langley area:
Rain likely. Cloudy, with a high near 55. Breezy, with a south wind around 24 mph, with gusts as high as 39 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%.


Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
Seems like it's impossible to cherry-pick a good weather day ahead of time here on the wet side. Monday's calm with showers weather forecast has moved to Tuesday now! Just out of reach. I guess it's go with the flow, we pretty much live in a rain forest.


Indi "Ira" Jones
If I can make it Chef, I'll give those lessons. If it's too windy though the chironmid thing is hard to do. I'll bring my 15 lbs anchor and some rocks.

:hmmm: I'm starting to have 2nd thoughts about 40 mph gusts...
I may try deep sinking line on the northeast arm of Stevens instead. Only 15 mph predicted and that part of the lake is somewhat protected from a direct southerly blast.
Food for thought... :confused:
I am keeping to my guns on this one. JC, Pedro and I are hitting Lone two days in a row.

With working triple shifts during the week for the next few months, I am fishing as much as possible....rain... snow... wind... I dont care.

Jeff Dodd

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I fished this morning from 10am to 2pm. It was a Whidbey locals crew on Lone today. From wff - ChefTim, Caveman, Casey Hodges, two other guys I fish with, and myself. Not planned, but lots of fun.

Nobody had a HOT rod that I saw. Caveman and Casey started fishing about the time I left, so I will let them add their own report.

I landed four or five and lost two. Fine-tuning my Chironomid fishing and searching for the correct pattern. Ira's bloodworm landed 3 nice fish. One hot fish took the bloodworm as soon as it hit the water. This fish pulled hard and was wearing his away jersey - dark and ready to spawn. At this time I was throwing the float into 5-8 feet of water. Clarence had some success on small leach patterns, suspended.

Most of this fishing was on the North End of the the lake. Fish were very scattered. Water was 43 degrees.

Weather: Wind was not an issue. Calm until 11:30, and then a breeze ot of the south and rain.

See you Monday!

Good day on lone. 8:30 to noon, 5 fish had Jeff thinking I had a lunker since i was fishing my 3wt it just looked that way. As my anchor is not heavy enough for any wind (will fix that) I mostly trolled a dirty worm and an olive leach. Both worked well. I may come out Sunday after (possibly during) the game. Will be out on Monday.