Huge lot of tying materials for sale.

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Hey guys,
I’ve got a huge lot of tying materials cluttering up the tying cave that I’ve accumulated over time. All duplicates of stuff I already have, so this would make a GREAT deal for someone. Most of the packages are unopened and unused and all have been properly stored. All of it is top-notch stuff and all useable.

I’m selling this as an entire lot and have tried my best to ID everything as well as possible, and where there were too many items to list I’ve tried to include what’s in the assorted lot as well as the totoal quantity.
Pic’s will follow, if I can get the system to upload my pics. I have had problems with that in the past here. It may be another day or two before I can get them all up, but If you’ll PM me with your email address I’ll be happy to send you some pics directly.

There’s some pretty cool stuff in here, mainly geared towards streamers and steelhead flies and I think enough high end or rare goodies that the package price should be well worth it. I didn’t take the time to add up all the price stickers on each package, but this would be a small fortune in a shop.

Asking $380.00 shipped in the US, paypal included. Sorry to have to exclude my neighbors north of the border, but as there are feathers/fur I’d rather avoid any hassles with Customs crossing the border.

Here’s the list:

½ Blue Eared Pheasant skin
1/4 Temple Dog skin, black. Hair is about three inches give or take, and would make great smaller tubes or classic steelhead/salmon flies in place of black bear. A lifetime supply of winging for Black Bear Green Butts!
Whiting spey necks, S. Doctor blue and purple Silver grade
Full rabbit skins, black and purple x 2
Pheasant rump patch, black
Whiting American grizzly saddle, olive
Whiting American grizzly hen saddle, yellow
Whiting American black laced white hen saddle, purple
Whiting American hen saddle, magenta
Mallard and teal flank feathers, natural, fl orange, purple x 3, fl fuchia, fl chart, ht pink, black
Deer hair, green, olive
Pheas. rump patch natural
Guinni hackle strung, ht pink, purple, red, orange
Imt spey hackles, black
peacock herl, three or four packs
barred, strung neck hackle, olive, black
Amherst pheas. neck
Teal, natural and purple
Goose biots nat. gray
Turkey biots, chart
Rainy's gorilla bodies, blk/brn/orange, 4 packs
furry foam
Mini-maribou packs ht pink x 3, orange x3, chart x$
6 pks pheasant tail, (Teeny black and chart and three PT clumps)
Strung maribou bloods Gray x3, chart x2, fl blue x2, peacock blue, purple, brown x3, burnt orange, fl red x2, red, ginger, tan, golden olive, peach, white, moss green, olive x2
Wooly bugger maribou tan, claret, fl chart, purple, brown, ht pink
X-select spey maribou fl blue, fl pink, orange
Tip dyed Maribou hot orange/black, fl flame red/purple, ht pink/purple, fl chart/black, hot red, fl cherise/purple, olive/black, wht/ht pink
calf tails purple x3, wht, chart, orange
Bucktails black, purple, chart, orange
squirrel tails, nat x2, black x2
Tinsel- 43 asst'd spools, including 13 spools of Lagartun's
Threads/floss, d-rib, glo and holo tinsel- 160 asst'd spools
Grizzly hen saddles- Purple, tan, olive x2
1/2 Hareline purple grizzly saddle (for intruders)
chennile, estaz, edge brite- 139 asst' cards/packages
Bunny strip (straight and cross cut)- 75 packages asst'd colors (solids, barred, two-toned)
Crystal Flash/Flashabout- 18 packs
Diamond braid type stuff- 13 packs
Trout beads- 6 packs

Please PM me with any interest until I get pics up.

Thanks for looking!

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