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Someday I probably will get into tying, not sure when that day will come. I am slowly building my set of gear and waders and boots and hopefully a float tube will come before tying. But who knows, maybe I will be smitten by it and set out to pick it up sooner rather than later.
I'll bring some stuff to tie a super simple, two material fly for you. Oh. And it works:thumb: No need to worry. And your trout rod will work for summer steelhead! There really is no need to make any of this fishing stuff complicated, but if you want to you can make it as complicated as you want. That's what makes it fun...


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You're getting way too excited about this. You need to calm down. Try getting out in public several times before this event and practicing deep breathing and other relaxation techniques. We understand your passion but you should excercise better control, you don't want to scare off the newbies. This is our first Bandy Bash and we want it to be a good one. There'll be no poking with sharp tools and eating pie with your whip finisher! :)
I will bring my magnum hair stacker just in case anyone brings slim jims. Hate it when the ends are uneven...
Sounds great. Thanks Phil! I plan on starting as simple as possible and adding layers of complexity as I get comfortable with each step in the process. It is this process involved in learning the sport that I enjoy.

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Phil and Chef, sorry, but I believe you are both wrong. If you review what Jeff has posted, ignoring all else, he has stated that for this gathering, all will tie up 9 flies (in advance) bagging them into three sets of three flies. That means three of the attendees will get your flies, three of each. Jeff stated something to the effect of nothing being worse than fishing a great fly and only having one of them (think hot fly putting you on fish after fish until pop, flie is gone). Not three flies per each attendee, only three for three = 9 (why not tie a 10th, or tenth if you perfer letters over numbers, for the fly swap host?). Bring materials to demonstrate how to tie your pattern, that way those guys that don't get one of your baggies can still see how it is done. Unconventional but cool, sort of like Jeff Bandy himself. Nine flies, ten guys, pizza pies, baked dessert pies and all our lies. Sounds pretty cool to be unconventional.

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