Does anyone know if the early Winston Graphite Rods were mad by Fisher Kennedy?

and what do folks think of the early Winston Fiberglass rods? What are is the action on these rods,and do you think they are worht what people pay for them. Thanks,Mark.


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I don't know if early Winston graphites were made by Fisher or not, but I have an early 70s Winston fiberglass that was rolled by Fisher Kennedy. FK made graphite rods for many brands early on because most rod companies weren't tooled up to roll graphite until the late 70s, and even when first tooled up it took some trial and error to roll graphite rod blanks that didn't break easily.

First I really appreciate the answers. I have one more question: if I was to buy one of these rods we have discussed, what is the max I should expect to pay?
The Winston graphites made by Fisher are the pre IM6 models. Most have four digit serial numbers but I believe there are some with numbers above 10,000. The action of the Fishers is much slower than their modern rods which is not surprising since their immediate predecessors were fiberglass rods. The 8' and under, 3 and 4 wt. Fishers are excellent fly rods, a relaxed action,very accurate with excellent tippet protection. I prefer the Loomis rolled IM6 Winstons for 5,6,and 7 weight rods. A bit faster and more powerful but not at all stiff, very similar to the current WTs. The Loomis era IM6's have serial numbers from approx. 10,000 to 43,500 with a little overlap of numbers each way. Prices vary greatly depending on condition, I paid $250 for a mint Loomis era IM6 907/3 and $325 for mint FIsher 764/2. The early Winstons are justifiably popular but if you're patient you should be able to find what you're looking for fairly reasonably.

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