NFR: "to" and "too"

The word "to" is a preposition which is generally used for indicating in what direction or toward what object a verb or noun is directed. Occasionally it is used as a comparative.

The word "too" is an adverb which means "additionally" or can be used as a superlative clarifying the excessive extent of something.

I don't have "too go take a leak" nor does one "piss to much."


Old Man

Just an Old Man
Shit, the spelling police are here. Who cares. A lot of people here don't do half of the spelling here correctly. We all know what it means. Some don't even use Capitals where they belong. We don't get graded on how shit is spelled. We try to get graded on if we are telling the truth or a fib
I "too," provide sarcasm as a service Old Man. Hence the post. As far as the truth goes, I didn't catch shit today but a goddamn cold and a Clouser in my scalp.
Grammar police are among the more annoying of society's busybodies, but there's something to say for taking an extra second to get the spelling, capitalization, grammar, or punctuation correct. We mostly write here in order to persuade (that's what I'm doing now). Every error in presentation is a gnat buzzing around the reader's consciousness, thereby distracting him from following one's argument.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
There's a spell checker on here that lets you know when you make a misteak on spelling and capital letters. Just like I got underlined on the word misteak(mistake)
I don't think people here are stupid. But when you get in a hurry you make mistakes. And some just don't give a shit. So there.


Indi "Ira" Jones
Show me where it matters or confuses the reader as to/too intent? I'm ok for conventions as it applies to making sure intent is clear but in this case with two completely different parts of speech, I don't believe for a second that it matters and I also believe that within my lifetime we will see it changed to/too to or 2 for that matter.

Just try moving back in time say 200 years and apply your current grammar rules. Grammar rules change and so does language (English as we know it did not exsist 1000 years ago) the only people who care about arcane rules like to/too are those who don't understand the concept of change. So two two's tutued a two to tutu too.