Watched "Skagit Masters 2" last night.


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First, thanks Poppy.

I liked it. In particular, I enjoyed how all of the video was in real time fishing conditions, as opposed to the caster fishing from a good presentation spot. Scott does a good job of showing how easy and effortless two hand casting should and can be instead of making it look like rocket science. I think this was mostly due to him fishing on relatively small water, which was a good idea for showing set up and placement. Loved the popper stuff but don't ever see myself doing this unless I spend 300 days a year on the water (someday soon). One thing I had conflict with was the emphasis on high rate sinking tips, like t-14. I really agreed with, and was happy to see someone place an emphasis on far upstream casting with tips to get the fly set up for the swing. Most of what I see is people practicing floating/ intermediate tactics (90 degrees) with high rate tips, which relies mostly on luck being that your fly spends about 3 seconds in the zone. Back to my conflict... I really have a hard time believing t-14 is more effective than a type 3, with the exception of weird, fast, short slots. With most classic steelhead water, however, I don't think it matters much and is actually less effective, even in very cool water. Just because its winter steelheading doesn't mean you have to swing your fly on the bottom 99% of the time. Believe in active winter fish in the middle to upper water column. Good video! Has me psyched for my upcoming NU trip.

stewart dee

I really like the worm weights. NOT! But Scott is a cool dude and the video was perfect for anyone not sure about what they are doing. All the answers to presentation, fly depth and setup for your virgin eyes to see. I think Old Glory would have been a good sticker on the sled in place of blacked out.:beer1:

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