Lone Lake Sunday 1/30/2011

Sunday rocked. Loaded up the truck on Saturday, tied some awesome flies in the AM on Saturday and thought about fishing all day. Sunday came about and headed off to the lake. Was on the ferry with Jeff (guitarfish) and met up with Loren (silverbullet) when we got there. Loren is awesome. Like a little brother and great company.

I agree, it was cold. Loren gave me some neat flies to try and I decided to put one on and whammm... first fish. Nice trout. Then I tried out a fly I tied for Ira's swap and landed two fish. Missed two bites. Learned a lot about the lake that day and about water temperature. I usually work the bank area but it was pretty calm there and the water, since it was shallow, I assume was cold so I worked outside a little in the choppy water.

Fished with great friends. Thank you all!

guitarfish: hope you liked the little suprise under your wiper.
I didn't find the winnning combination today TM, but the fish I did catch were full of fight and leaping. It was a cold day to fish today, gloves AND hat kinda day.

2 of the fish I landed came on Islaners camo carey! Thanks Steve

No problem Jeff, glad they were working. That bug is so simple but seems to slay 'em. It was too cold for my liking, so I wimped out and went to the gun club on Sunday.

Ed Call

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Awesome fly. Great on Lone as I found on my one trip. Great on other places, as Steve has gently reminded me from time to time.
Jeff: We should take a trip up to Sedro W and fish over there with Loren. Spring time?
that would be awesome guys.. here's my pics

guitar fisher and chef

chef with the first fish on one of my leeches

chef doin' his thing

jeff in his sweet little pram

chef again

sunshine :)
Fantastic pics!! Glad to hear everyone had a great day out there, and that some nice fish were caught! Sorry I missed you guys, picked up my toon but have to do a few things to it before I put it on the water... I will be out on the water with it soon though :D

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