Winter rod building

Well, snow, ice, cold weather and work taken up most of my time! So I am starting a little 10' 3/4wt switch. I purchased two blanks (cheappies from a site) awhile back.

Made one into a single hand, which turned out nice. Found myself single hand speying a lot with it, so now comes the switch for the other blank.

A lot of my things are off old rods, so it is not new, but each peace has it's own MOJO, to make a new and improved MOJO switch rod for trout!!!

Glued in another piece of old blank so I could attach rear handle to it and reel seat would be fatherest back on original blank. Took out wood insert of skeleton reel seat, so you can see the blank, thought it was cool.

Next forward handle!!!

We will see???????

Finished the lil switch.

Tried it out on a local stream and well, first time out, hooked a small 22 inch rainbow!!! Purple bunny leech did the trick. River not very wide, so I had to use a 30 degree down stream cast just to get any distance.

It does have mojo!!! Still going thru lines finding right match. Had a cracked 5/6 AFS, which I cut back to 19', looped and put on polyleader. Worked well but really no room to see what it could do. So switched to a full floater, SH wf8 and just had fun.

A few pics of the rod


Rob Ast

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Great shots. With the open window on the seat are you afraid about getting water/ice between the blank and cork, or did you some-how fully seal this area?
Bro, awesome pictures. I remember that fly box. How old is it. Wish I was there!!!!! I will be saving up for that blank or the 11' 2/3wt to see what one is better. Thanks for the pictures and keep it up.
Rob-There is epoxy up to both sides of the opening on the reel seet so it seals off that area, plus the reel seat has holes drilled into the up and lower support, so I guess the water could drain out from there.

ak- I bought it off e-bay, there is a guy on there who sells these blanks, it's a chance, because sometimes little flaws. Maybe color is not true all the way, heavy clear coat in one area so you may see a slight rise. This one the ferrel at the tip second to third section only seats about 1 1/2" down.

Bro-All I know is dad had that darn box when I started fly fishing. It was around when you did!!! Maybe that is the mojo!!! Wish you were here to.


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