Z-8129, Z-7136, Ross Momentum 6

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1. Sage Z-Axis 8129-4 factory build. New Condition, Used about 6 times, cork is bright still. Rod is aesthetically perfect. Tube has a couple scratches and a tiny dent in it about the size of a pencil eraser. Never been registered with sage, comes with warranty card, original sock and tube. Asking $550.

2. Sage Z-Axis 7136-4 factory build. lightly used condition, Rod is in perfect working order, has a tiny rub spot on the second section up from the butt. Cork is lightly soiled. Everything else on it is perfect. Comes with original tube and sock. Tube has scratches from being in the boat, but is in generally good shape. This rod has been warrantied once for a broken tip, so my name is attached to it in the Sage database. Of course I will help anyone who buys it to send it in if they break it down the road, but you wouldn't be able to send it in yourself on the Sage lifetime warranty program in your own name. Asking $450 for this one.

3. Ross Momentum 6 (First generation). Gold in color, new condition.Comes with box, neoprene pouch, and warranty card. Good solid reel, balances either of the above rods very well, especially the 8129. Has a couple hundred yards of 30 lb. orange dacron backing on it. Asking $275 for it.

PM me if you are interested in any of these items, and I will email pictures to you. Shipping included to buyers in the lower 48.

I would also be interested in full or partial trades on any of the above items for the following: Ross Momentum LT 5, Galvan Torque 10, Sage TCX 7126, Sage VXP 7133, Sage VT2 7130.

To discuss trades or ask questions at length call me @ (541) 610-8118.


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