went out yesterday and hooked a monster!!!!

This thing was huge and had a temper on it. I have never seen a rivermonster but this one was in a class all its own.... I hooked myself in the hand man did I say a few choice words. I was casting and one forward cast got a little close to me. and the bead headed wet fly dug into my middle finger near the back of my hand. With a 600 gr head and a sink tip I was suprised that it didn't get to the barb. Almost though. It was a good day no fish for me but I think the run is all but over on the river i was at yesterday. Just thought I'd share my misfortune on hooking myself. LOL gotta LOL on that one.:rofl:
I was glad that even with the 600gr head it didn't drive the hook home. That would be a tuff day of fishing. It was a good run so would you cut the line and tie on another fly or just leave the run?? If it went to the barb??
That is another reason to go barbless. If it has a barb and goes in, you will probably need medical help to get it out. Sometimes you can run the point through and out again and cut it off, if you have side cutters. You can also use heavy line to jerk it back out, if you have a friend that knows the technique.

The pain will build up after it has been in awhile, so the sooner out the better - personal experience.


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Been years since I've done that ... several 'close calls' when I brought the rod forward in too vertical a plane ....WHACK on the back of my waders.

But the 'last time' for reel ....... really drove a #4 2x into the palm of my hand. (Ya, ya .. it was a barbed hook ...) Couldn't get that SOB out myself, so off we go to the Emergency Room. $600.00 later (NO KIDDING, that was the bill!) 'it's out,' and I had to show the Doctor how to remove the bloody thing.