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I am shocked and dismayed. I don't know enough about the CW fishery to comment further. Crap, everything I know about it past the end of October I learned from reading your posts here.



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Goodness gracious! These are summer fish that enter in early summer (A's). In the fall the B's come in numbers through november. However, new fish, though very small in numbers continue to filter in through the winter. The ratio of fish that are beat up vs. Spring chickens is poor. Look at pictures of fish caught in late february into march. High water pushed a bunch of fish up high and put fish in places that they usually don't arrive to until a month from now (SF). An anomoly fishing situation occured and I took advantage it, that's it.
Thanks! Thats what Im going for. Weird is ripping some kid a while ago for wanting to have some fun on the South Fork in the winter, and then post a picture of yourself doing just that, actually thats called being a hypocrite. Why not make it a habit? Afraid you might have too much fun catching some big ass fish on beads and bobbers, its like that old joke what do fat chicks and mopeds have in common? both fun to ride until your friends see you on one. Weird is that said bring it.


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What I'm saying is that you creep me out. Your only posts on this site are you giving me shit in a real personal way. I get it, I strike a chord with you. I can safely say its something from your past and really has nothing to do with me. Its just weird, ya know.

I am in a deep dark ethical dilemma. Is it more holy to fish beads in August under the midday sun on the clearwater out of a jetboat or is it better to fish the Sfork with a flypole...

Please advise, my soul as a fisherman is on the line...



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Once again, we learn a key life lesson that confident delivery of an opinion is different than being factually correct. Nice fish though.

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