Howdy neighbors


^ me and Bridger
I know a bunch of you folks from three other forums. Thought I'd join the fun, especially on this glass and reels part of the forum. I own twenty-three rods of which three are graphite and two bamboo. You see where my pleasure lies. I've been selling some reels and rods and it is getting more difficult each time as I go thru my list. But it feeds the coffers for other things. I think you all know about that.
Cya here and there.

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
Paul you must 'have some good fishin where you are with the lakes and reservoirs and the Mckienzie , Santiam and other rivers not too far away. I like the upper reaches from there.


^ me and Bridger
Hi Bob Jones. The amount of water here gets me confused sometimes, but I suffer with it. You are correct about the upper waters. A bit of bushwhacking makes for a fine day often.

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