T-6 months away: Just getting giddy with anticipation!


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It might be the Cabin fever or a case of Pink envy. I don't care if many of you Wff'ers diss the Pink, but you don't have to read on. Personally, I think its one of the best fisheries we have to look forward to. Yes, it 6 months away, but will you be ready? With great river conditions in 2009 the return is expected to be 20+ million!!!

6 wt. fly rods
Pink Marabou and Clouser patterns
Full Intermediate and Floating lines
Decent Temps and shorts and T-shirt weather
Cold adult beverages of choice and fresh cooked to order burgers on the stove




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I was just looking over my Humpy fly selection the other night. I did pretty well with pink clousers last go around. In the rivers a white marabou worked excellent.


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If I don't have anyone commited and have an extra seat on the boat Im always open for fellow fly anglers to help out with fuel and launch fees. Gives me more reason to be on the water. I'll typically take the boat out during the beginning of the run when they run in the south south and less accessible from the shoreline or public access, but as the run continues my fishing will concentrate to those areas where I can hand lauch a pram or small boat.
You don't need a boat. From the view, that video was shot in front of my house, off the beach in Dash Point. Pretty cool! That's the kind of action I always look forward to. if you look closely, you can see the bottom. That gives you an idea how close they come to shore and how shallow they are. I've already begun to tie the flies I'll need and give away this summer. Looking forward to a get together with a bunch of you in either late July or early August so we can get some of that action.
Cant wait to toss some pink clousers from the boat in the south sound. Too much fun, almost as much fun as catching resident silvers along the kelp in July.


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I'm right there with 'ya, Yellowlab! IMHO, this is one of the best and most underrated marine fisheries in the state. As I get older I find that I'm living for the odd-numbered years. I hit it from the beach as much as I can; you guys with the boats give the rest of us commoners something to dream about. However, I didn't see the cold beverage anywhere in teh video; what's with that????


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Cold beverage was celebrated at the end of the day when the arms had enough and the finger were severely cut and bleeding. This year I'll fish with the latex gloves, salt water, wet hands, line strips and gill rakers do a number of your hands and finger tips. I can't imagine a more epic run as we were catching them starting in June in Neah Bay and then for the next three months thereafter. In one day we caught three species of salmon: Pinks, Coho, and King AND bottomfish. I have the smoker ready, and the deep freezer on standby, friends and family have booked their flights and the boat will be ready. Whoever put out the thread of best NW state to live in, my vote is for WA.


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Im ready!!! I just need to find someone with a boat so I can get more saltwater action!!
You may already know this but from your location there are several beaches that you can hit and do fine. I concentrated on low light high tides and did pretty well from the beach. I have to admit I did a lot better from my boat. I'll keep you in mind when late July comes around.
The 'Pink Turd' was the hot ticket for me. And they are so damn easy to tie it's stupid. Didn't do all that well from the beach last time, so hope to have some better luck this year. I'll put my name in the bucket for a seat on a craft as well. Somehow I doubt we'll get 20 mil, but if it's anything like last time it will be good to remember what a tug feels like!
I had a blast fishing for them from my kayak in 2009. It's a beautiful time of the year to be on the water, made special by fish that are so plentiful and willing to strike. Every few months I watch Yellowlab's videos and remember the good times.



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There's nothing like it! This year i should be prepared a little better with an 8wt instead of my 5...but the five was awesome last year!

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